DAILY GRINDER: ‘Bounce TV’—Aimed at Black Audiences—Comes to Philly

Atlanta, Georgia-based Bounce TV, a station geared toward black audiences, of which Martin Luther King III is an executive, has landed in Philly. In this press release of an article at the Huffington Post via the Associated Press, it’s said that the network (not cable) station was basically demanded since, “According to Nielsen’s latest annual television audience report, African American households with televisions watch an average of 46.5 hours of TV every week. By comparison, the weekly average is 34.1 hours for U.S. households.” Oh, and “Adgate said 12 percent of black households in the U.S. do not receive TV programming from cable, satellite or broadband operators. The overall national average is 10 percent.” So…there you have ‘network’ ‘TV’ The other thing to keep in mind is the inevitable anonymous outcries of “reverse racism” and worse by Philly-dot-commenters and others.

Mayor Michael Nutter signed an Executive Order establishing Project Labor Agreements, which is basically a pro-union labor agreement with the city that Nutter says will help “meet critical deadlines, encourage diversity and local hiring for projects, and to create jobs.” Or, as The Truth About PLAs puts it, Nutter “opens door to waste and discrimination” with his order. Many ‘pro-free market’ and anti-union groups are against PLAs, for some obvious and some not-so-obvious reasons. This one says PLAs are “special interest kickback schemes” enacted by cities bullied by union muscle, which hurt basically everyone involved, especially the minority contractors they’re supposed to help. The Truth… is set up by Associated Builders and Construction, which represent non-union labor firms.

The Pennsylvania state gaming board has given Philadelphia $150,000 in free money! Er, to be used to fund the salaries of members of the local Gaming Control Task Force, which investigate/prosecute the unlawful use of gambling machines and other money sucking gadgets found in casinos.

Penn Professor Dr. Toorjo Ghose, 40, was arrested at Occupy Philly the other night (eviction day). He recounts his arrest story and dealings with an ICE officer to PW’s Michael Alan Goldberg here. “All of us froze because we heard a bunch of screams. We turned around, and these mounted police were bearing down on all the protesters that were on the sidewalk. Literally charging at them. There were people screaming and scattering and I distinctly saw someone go down.”

Two pieces of controversial city legislation – Permits for discount stores at a new Chelten Plaza complex and “wall wrap advertising” on a building at 7th and Willow Streets – were passed yesterday, after being mainly supported and introduced by outgoing Council gutter fish Donna Reed Miller and Frank DiCicco. Council passed some other bills, too, which might have positive effects on some communities. But, for now, I’m focusing on these ones.

Three defendants were handed down life sentences for the 2009 killing at the Piazza. An appeal has been promised by the attorney for sentenced Will Hook, who claimed after the sentence that he’s innocent.

Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner says a plan to privatize the Pennsylvania Liquor Control board would be a “bad deal for taxpayers and consumers,” according to this article. His reasons: It’d lead to higher prices, less tax revenue and that whole $2 billion for the state is way overblown.

3 Responses to “ DAILY GRINDER: ‘Bounce TV’—Aimed at Black Audiences—Comes to Philly ”

  1. Larry W says:

    My 2 cents on Bounce TV:

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

    I don’t care about my skin color, but who I am as a person. I can get a network based on language, but skin color always throws me for a loop. I don’t see this as “reverse-racism” or anything as inane. I don’t even see this as a form of prejudice. If anything, it just doesn’t seek to unite people but continue to segregate us.

  2. Bournonville says:

    Re Chelten Plaza – there are horrendous issues behind this project including an false permit application and misuse of more than $4 million in state dollars, ignoring the requirement for public input for funding from the RACP program and blantent circumvention of the ZBA. The ills of this project go on and on, but people keep writing that this is all about a better supermarket. It is – because that’s what the funding was for. But this is really about Germantown being sick of back-room deals and the decades of corruption. And we thought all that was over with the collapse of Germantown Settlement. We were wrong.

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