DAILY GRINDER: Sunday Beer Hours Extended

The Pennsylvania Legislature voted yesterday to extend Sunday beer hours, in spite of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s “You’re gonna get raped” ad campaign. The way it was, you were only allowed to shop from noon until 5 p.m. Now, assuming Gov. Corbett spills some ink, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The PLCB doesn’t sell beer, though it does license beer distributors. Oh, and get this: Part of the bill says you can start drinking at brunch places on Sunday as early as 9 a.m., too.

Rick Santorum’s campaign is officially, finally, “on the rise right now and people are looking for someone that can hold up under the strain.” Who’s that according to? Rick Santorum! He thinks with Herman Cain out of the race, he’s set to get out of those single digits and win the whole presidency thing. Best line from the Washington Times article about this very phenomenon: “The Iowa Caucuses are only a month away and Gallup’s latest GOP presidential primary tracking poll shows Mr. Santorum in 6th place in low single digits behind Michele Bachmann but ahead of Rick Santorum.” He’s set to poll so well, he will even be ahead of himself!

Bob Casey won’t answer whether being on the same ballot as President Obama is an asset or a liability. “I cant make that assessment,” he said on MSNBC. “It will be a good year if we all stay focused on the central issue facing the American people and that’s jobs.”

Don’t look now, but ProPublica in New York, the Chicago Reporter, Los Angeles public-radio station KPCC and Philly’s WHYY have all partnered with NBC Universal to push better local news coverage. Journalism stuff.

Jerry Sandusky was re-arrested yesterday for the molestation and torture of two new children, bringing the grand total to ten. His bail was set at $250,000 cash, he was unable to immediately post, and is in jail. He sounds like just, you know, a good guy.

Camden, New Jersey is once again the second most dangerous city in the country. It’s currently up at 48 homicides, which is 11 more than last year at this time, and almost every category of crime—save rape—is up in the city, though not near the place where you saw that concert once. Philly’s up three spots this year, going from 30th to 27th. Flint, Michigan (not Detroit) is the most dangerous city in America.

Did you see that ticker across the screen during Law and Order: SVU last night? As soon as I saw “Arlene Ackerman” I figured, I don’t know, I’m not sure what I figured. But something crazy, maybe. It turned out they were just trying to get us to watch their stupid interview with the former Philadelphia schools superintendent. Feel bad for her: “I thought I would be working for three more years. I was depending on it. I didn’t get a chance to get vested in the Pennsylvania retirement system. If I had that opportunity, I would have had a comfortable retirement for the rest of my life. So, this early stepping down from my job cost me thousands of dollars a month.” Lame.

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  1. Lera says:

    Santorum was a horrible Senator here in PA. I cannot imagine anyone thinks he would make a good President.

  2. I? LOVE AVRIL LAVIGNE! she's be forever young! says:

    this song saved me from killing myself. thank you Miley for that. i love you? Miley!

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