DAILY GRINDER: Abortion, Liquor, ID, School Vouchers, Redistricting … Legislature Makes Self Look Busy Before New Year

The state General Assembly was really struggling to put together all their bills before they left for winter break. That included killing women’s rights by prohibiting insurance coverage for low income people under ObamaCare, passing architectural restrictions against women’s health centers, privatizing liquor, forcing grandma to show ID at the voting booth and school voucher stuff. (Basically everything except spurring job creation.) So far, only the abortion regulations have been rammed through successfully. But there’s always 2012.

And speaking of liquor privatization, you know who’s happy with the bill that’d keep the Liquor Control Board intact and allow beer distributors to sell wine? Absolutely no one! Conservatives throughout the state are unhappy that the PLCB remains in place as the sole dealer of liquor and Wendell Young, president of the union which represents state store workers, calls the bill “a death of a thousand cuts.” It wouldn’t be a government compromise unless everyone was left unhappy, right?

The state Senate approved
their new Pennsylvania redistricted map last night, a little after 11 p.m. Democrats, opposed to the map, say the voters will see through the sneaky details and gerrymandering that went on. They certainly would not have done the same thing if they were in charge!

Except they would. Beforehand, in a sign of protest (?), state Democrats released their own redistricted Pennsylvania map. The suggestion, which never had a chance to go anywhere, was a bit strange. Specifically, after Democrats wheezed and moaned about the Republican map zig-zagging, snaking and cutting up communities across the state, their map essentially did the exact same thing. Take a look at it in the link, if you want, even though it’s a moot map.

Uh oh. Air Products and Chemicals, Comcast and H.J. Heinz—three of Pennsylvania’s largest companies—were all singled out for not paying state income tax for at least one year between 2008 and 2010. But don’t worry, they’re just three amongst 68 companies with such a track record according to research compiled by the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy and Citizens for Justice.

Police believe a woman was raped last week near 16th and Cherry Streets in Center City. They’ve released a sketch of the perp which can be viewed here.

Kermit Gosnell, the late-term abortionist sort of responsible for all the phony-outrage abortion legislation going through the state Legislature, had new charges brought against him—this time from the federal government. They say he was running a “pill mill” out of his clinic. “Drug enforcement agents testified to a grand jury that Gosnell took payments to write prescriptions for nearly a half-million oxycodone tablets, 400,000 doses of Xanax, and 19,000 ounces of codeine-infused cough medicine to people he called drug “seekers.” He allegedly grossed $200,000 from the operation.”

Getting ‘greener’…’greener’…the city has announced that you can now recycle cartons. Those papery-waxy ones used for juice, milk, soups, which you were probably already sticking in the recycling bin anyway. Because who knew you couldn’t recycle that stuff before?

After voters asked for change in 2007, Council is finally—finally!—set to vote on its zoning changes today. Current zoning rules are nearly 50 years old.

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    Daily Grinder only seems to get funnier every day – or is it the politics?

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