Of Course this Happened: Karen Brown was on Judge Judy

KarenBrown_092811This one from PhillyClout is way too good to pass up:

KAREN BROWN, the Democratic committeewoman recruited by the Republican City Committee to run for mayor, didn’t get trounced only by Mayor Nutter.

She also lost on “Judge Judy.”

According to the article by Chris Brennan, former mayoral candidate Karen Brown was in Los Angeles this week to tape an episode of “Judge Judy,” because, really, Philly was never allowed to have Karen Brown all to itself. Her former campaign treasurer, Stuart London, claimed Brown owed him $825 for a total of 11 hours of work (that’s a nice chunk of change, no?) he did for her in June. Brown claimed in the TV court she offered him $250 for the work, which he turned down. Later, Judge Judy awarded London $173. Brown later told Clout of the sum, “She saved me money.”

Which is probably good for Brown. As we noted during her campaign, she claimed the Republican City Committee weren’t helping her financially (which was evidenced by her very cheap and frightening campaign ad), and even tried to get her to drop out of the race for a number of other candidates, including failed City Council-at-Large nominee Joe McColgan. She then claimed she told the RCC she’d get out as soon as they paid her a sum of $25 million, which they of course didn’t have — that was the point of demanding such a large payoff, she told PW. (Leaked financial statements showed the RCC having raised less than $3,000, total.)

We’ll try to find out when this episode is set to air and provide a full recap, because seriously.

2 Responses to “ Of Course this Happened: Karen Brown was on Judge Judy ”

  1. Kate says:

    Im glad someone put this B**** in her place!

  2. Jack Riper says:

    Karen Brown appeared to look clueless. If she ever attempts to run for any publuc office again someone will take this Judge Judy video and destroy her creditibility. Did someone force her to do this at gun point? Where is her common sense or PR consultant? Really stupid and borderline outrageous.

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