DAILY GRINDER: A Time-Lapse Video of Citizen’s Bank Park Getting Ready for Hockey

The Flyers will play the Winter Classic against the Rangers on January 2 outside at Citizens Bank Park. Now, want to see a sweet time-lapse video of the park’s field being turned into a hockey rink? Of course you do. Check it out here.

A seventh person came forward on the Friday before Christmas to say she, too, was molested by former Philadelphia Daily News columnist Bill Conlin in the 1960s. He’s still vowed to clear his name before this is all over.

Suburban Philadelphia man Joseph Riad claims he’s got 735 $1 billion Federal Reserve Bonds stashed in a bank outside the city. For real. He claims he’s owed 15 more but was double-crossed by a Department of Homeland Security agent, who’s still got to give him 15 more. Then the story gets weird.

Eighteen-year-old Megabus rider Muchen Hsieh, who left a 176-year-old violin on a bus in Philly before Christmas has been reunited with her stringed instrument.

A Philadelphia firefighter collapsed on the scene of a fire in South Philly on Friday. He was listed in stable condition.

Talk about being the wrong insurer at the wrong time. Federal Insurance Co. of Warren, NJ, which insures Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile Inc., is trying to get out of paying his legal bills, which will obviously reach six figures. The policy pays for legal costs, but the company believes it should be barred because costs “arising from sexual assault, molestation,” or abuse is “repugnant to Pennsylvania public policy.”

Penn State football is still the third most valuable college football franchise, according to Forbes. Seven companies pulled their ads from the teams’ games after the Sandusky scandal hit, though Nike and Pepsi are still kicking it with the team.

President Barack Obama’s campaign has returned the $5,000 contribution made by former NJ Gov. Jon Corzine, who has most recently made the news for losing over a billion dollars from MF Global, where he is a former chief executive. During Corzine’s failed gubernatorial re-election campaign in 2009, the then-governor put up a billboard in Camden that read “Obama-Corzine,” for some reason. Maybe to trick people?

The Independence Hall Tea Party Association are making their year-end rounds and have chosen Sen. Pat Toomey and Pennsylvania state Rep. Curt Schroder as their 2011 Federal and State Legislators of the Year.

Rick Santorum is so busy going on TV, sending out emails and getting his family used to living in Iowa, he forgot to get the signatures required for the Virginia primary—yes, really! To be fair, lots of candidates forgot to do this until the very last minute, including Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman. Gingrich even compared his forgetting to collect signatures to Pearl Harbor, for some reason! Icing: Until he moved to Iowa, Santorum lived in Virginia.

One reason he may have forgot: He was pheasant hunting with Iowa’s token wingnut Rep. Steve King. And though the two were hunting the birds they bought together, both worse orange jumpsuits, and have similar serious issues with “other” people, Santorum did not leave the hunting field with King’s endorsement.

New teenage driving provisions take effect today. Included: Increasing behind-the-wheel training by 15 hours and no more than one non-young family member can be transported with the ‘younguns.

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