DAILY GRINDER: No Education Required to be a Judge

News: Christine Solomon, a newly elected Philadelphia Traffic Court judge, just flunked a required judicial education examination that’s required to let her do her job. Gross news: A month after Judge Willie Singletary was “relieved” of his judicial duties for allegedly showing a court worker a photograph of his junk. Philly: Shame you don’t have to be a lawyer, or a judge, or have any legal education, whatsoever, to be elected traffic court judge.

Rick Santorum is rich! As Reuters reports (or, if you will, “vets”), after he was ousted from the Senate for being  Republican in an off-Republican year, in the state that made the most Congressional switches from Republican to Democrat, and whose governor won by 20 points, Santorum really made it big. Here are some examples: $239,153 to be an “occasional Fox News contributor,” $83,999 to co-host the Bill Bennett show, $23,000 as a freelance columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, $332,500 in consulting fees from various corporations, $217,385 from a “conservative advocacy group.”

Councilwoman Marian Tasco took the money you would take if you had the chance to do so last week. She made $478,057 in a DROP payout, then retired, then went back into her job – because the people literally demanded it. The Daily News reported this, and she allegedly said that was racist. DN editor Larry Platt called her up, has the full details of that conversation and examines the issue of whether or not this is, in fact, racist. He also claims he offered to erect a statue of Tasco if she gave her cash back, and she said no.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s Presidential Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City now has presidential strippers. With class.

And speaking of New Jersey, you love this headline from CBS:

Pennsylvania state agencies are going to have to learn how to deal with an average of a 3 percent freezes in 2012. Although state schools like University of Pittsburgh, Penn State, Temple and Lincoln are getting 5 percent freezes on top of the 19 percent budget cuts made in July.

Mayor Michael Nutter is in Denver, Colorado today, studying education policy.

The Independence Hall Tea Party has decided to put their weight behind former governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney for president. While his orthodoxy is not entirely to their liking (although at least he’s not a flip flopper: you have to have had a position at some point in order to be that), they say he “can win the Republican nomination and defeat President Barack Obama.” And winning, that’s what matters.

Comedian Arlen Specter thinks Pennsylvania is going to be tough for President Barack Obama, and, who knows, maybe Specter blames Obama for his loss in 2010? “I think it is tough, I think Pennsylvania’s economy is hurting,” Specter said yesterday in Washington. “There are thousands of jobs at stake…[Obama] has to become engaged in issues like that if he wants to carry the state…that money was taken from us and he hasn’t done anything about it.”

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  1. Jon Geeting says:

    Barf, is every dude with some power tempted to have underlings validate his penis?

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