DAILY GRINDER: PW Gets Shout-Out on *Daily Show* [UPDATED]

This article by the late Steven Wells regarding Republican sociopathism and reptilianism was mentioned on the Colbert Report Daily Show with John Stewart last night. We’ll have video up when we get it (or, if anyone knows where we can find one, like, right now, please let us know. We’ll provide you with a “hat tip.” You’ll be famous! UPDATE: HERE IS VIDEO, go to 9:20) Here is a short clip—and true statement—from the Wells article: ‘The Republican Party’s modern political soul was forged by Southern bigot and anti-civil-rights campaigner Jesse Helms who, when thanked by a caller to the Larry King show in 1995 “for everything you’ve done to help keep down the niggers,” responded, “Whoops, well, thank you, I think.”’

Manufacturing jobs in Philadelphia didn’t plummet as badly as originally thought, according to the city’s Federal Reserve Bank. And demand for products is dying slower than expected, too, which is good! Plus, Rick Santorum has a secret plan to bring all manufacturing jobs from all over the world back to the United States.

You don’t say?
The city alleges three companies scammed the minority contracting program buy pretending to buy equipment. “This is the first,” Inspector General Amy Kurland told the Inky, “if what we think are many investigations that are going to follow.” The companies charged were involved in a $1 million project.

So, that Bain Capital-Romney-attack ad stuff. It’s been a weird journey, mostly because that 30-minute movie ad (discussed here, sorta) is basically an attack on Mitt Romney’s destruction of small businesses. They’re calling him a “vulture capitalist.” That’s the weird part, because vulture capitalism and swallowing small businesses is supposed to be a good thing in Republican social circles. Rick Santorums has, after testing the waters, decided to defend Romney against these attacks. “It’s this hostile rhetoric, which unfortunately – I don’t want to stand here and be a defender of Mitt Romney, but unfortunately even some in our party now, even some running for president will engage in with respect to capitalism,” he said at a recent Townhall event in South Carolina. Don’t ever—ever—fuck with capitalism.

Some have said this attack—since it’s being put forth in the Republican primary, of all places—is proof the Occupy movement has had an affect on the electorate.

The Liquor Control Board approved that price hike on more than 300 liquor and wine brands. The Commonwealth Foundation, the biggest critic of the PLCB we can think of off the top of our heads, sends us this statement: “Millions of dollars poured down the drain in PLCB waste and abuse isn’t paid for in a vacuum, it is passed along to consumers and taxpayers through higher prices and taxes. Today’s move is just the latest example of a tone-deaf, out-of-control government agency that could care less who is picking up the tab and it should leave no doubt why Pennsylvanians are declaring ‘last call’ for government-sold alcohol.”

Sure, we’ll call this news: A new internal poll by the Patrick Murphy for Attorney General campaign has Patrick Murphy in the lead by laughable margins (he takes 61 percent of the vote, compared to 8 percent behind Kathleen Kane and 5 percent for Dan McCaffery.) Why even hold a primary?

A dead man’s unpaid Philadelphia Parking Authority fine is referred to a collection agency. Man that is so PPA!

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