Tens of Thousands of PA Kids Released from Medicaid

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare has released 88,071 children from Medicaid since August 2011, according to the Inquirer. Among the reasons cited is Department Secretary Gary Alexander’s efforts to “reduce waste, fraud and abuse,” as well as his increase in eligibility reviews of beneficiaries which began in July and have resulted in massive cuts. The numbers cited don’t count an additional 23,000 children the Welfare Dept. cut but had to restore after their families hired legal help.

This news comes as the DPW quietly begins requiring a $2,000 asset test for receiving food stamps—a return to previous state policy—to make sure “people with resources are not taking advantage of the food-stamp program.” The state also let welfare adviser Robert Patterson go this week after it was revealed the policy wonk held some truly weird, and subjectively sick views on the welfare system and social values. And he decided to write it all down — his policy on sperm, kids of working moms and LBJ’s Great Society — in a magazine called The Family in America, which was probably a mistake in terms of his future political ambitions. (Although, to be fair, then there’s Rick Santorum, who’s got his own issues and has a staffer who says the Bible doesn’t want a woman to be President of the United States.) The Administration denies one (the firing) has to do with the other (the weird writing). Seems likely.

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