Ex-Philly Police Captain Lewis Resolves Occupy Wall Street Case

Photo: Michael Alan Goldberg

Photo: Michael Alan Goldberg

Former Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis, who was arrested participating in an Occupy Wall Street protest in November, has accepted a deal from Manhattan prosecutors which will allow him to avoid probation and jail time.

Lewis had been arrested for blocking a street during the height of the Occupy Wall Street protests in the fall. He did so while wearing his Philadelphia Police Department uniform and later made headlines when current Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey publicly told Lewis to stop wearing his uniform at the protests, insinuating it was illegal.

PW caught up with the Holmesburg-native during that time, who said of the protests, “I noticed the 1% trying to marginalize these Occupiers as out of the mainstream of America…They were trying to tell mainstream Americans, ‘These are not your type, you can’t associate with them, their concerns are not your concerns,’ so they interviewed the guys with the pink hair and the tattoos and all of that. I realized what they were doing so I said, ‘I’m coming down there and I challenge Wall Street to marginalize me.’”

He decided to wear his police uniform at the protests after protesters were evicted from Zuccoti park at the order of Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He noted that police should be aware that they, too are part of “The 99 Percent.” He claims he did not break any laws by wearing his uniform.

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