DAILY GRINDER: GOP Cries Foul After their Gerrymandered Map Gets Thrown Out

See what happens when you act like children? The Pennsylvania Supreme Court threw out the GOP’s legislative redistricted map because it was redrawn in pretty outrageous ways to favor a reddened Pennsylvania in U.S. Congress. Even more than it already was. Now, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Max Baer says it’s possible the 2012 elections will be voted upon using the same maps as in 2001. This has the GOP going nuts, claiming Baer has violated the Pennsylvania Code of Judicial Conduct and the Pennsylvania Constitution! And we can only imagine the sweats Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick got this week, when he realized he might actually have Philadelphians voting on his re-election later this year.

Here’s what Council President Darrell Clarke had to say about his first day on the job: “I gotta get used to a couple of things.  Standing up at the big chair is actually… there’s actually a little more going on than I anticipated.”

Council had this “rule” that said you couldn’t publicly comment on any proposed bill for longer than three minutes. They only enforced it sometimes. Clarke announced new procedures in yesterday’s Council meeting and promises those rules will be enforced now. We’ll see.

Uh Oh: A new poll from the Associated Press shows that less people nationwide support Penn State having fired Joe Paterno before he died. So does that mean he didn’t essentially protect a child torturist? Either way, thanks, poll!

Mayor Michael Nutter has some new rules for fighting crime, and it’s all about the money—so start snitching! He announced yesterday that the city will now pay up to $20,000 for information leading to the arrest/conviction in a homicide case, and $500 for uncovering illegal guns.

Rick Santorum says he’s not going anywhere, he’s “not running for vice president,” and he’s going to be in the race for a “long time.” We say he did pretty well last night.

For a second, imagine Bob Casey asked a politically difficult question, such as, “Do you think he will be able to make the case this year that Americans are better off now than they were before he became president?” How do you think he’d answer that? If you guessed, “I don’t know,” congratulations! That was his answer!

Suburban Philly Freshman Congressman Pat Meehan
has taken in $212,000 from big business groups in his first year, the most of all GOP freshmen in the country. Sucks his un-redistricted seat keeps him in the Philly suburbs and not Lancaster, which is what he’s been waiting for.

Sen. Pat Toomey won’t endorse anyone in the Pennsylvania GOP primary.

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