DAILY GRINDER: Corbett Declares ‘Obamacare for All’?

Looks like Pennsylvania may get its Obamacare after all. The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has filed its application for $33 million to begin the development and design of a health insurance exchange in the state. When asked about the whole ordeal—especially since Corbett sued to block health care reform while Attorney General—State Insurance Commissioner Michael Consedine put out a statement saying that although the governor still believes the whole thing’s unconstitutional, “it would not be prudent to be caught unprepared. Therefore, we must implement a solution, if necessary, by developing a plan for Pennsylvanians should the U.S. Supreme Court not strike down the law.”

After numerous conflicting reports, it turns out some percentage (30?) of the Philadelphia Media Network is up for sale (weird: since the ownership of the company is made up of banks and hedge funds, it’s technically “always up for sale”). Either way, you should buy it. It’s only millions of dollars. That’d be awesome if you bought it.

Original reports said Rick Santorum’s daughter had been admitted to CHOP for pneumonia—and they were wrong. Turns out, Santorum’s daughter was actually at a hospital in Virginia. She’s still OK, so that’s good. But sucks for all those reporters hanging outside CHOP all day and night, waiting for a sweet, sweet glimpse at ‘ol Rick Santorum.

Rick Santorum is expected to come in a far third place in today’s Florida primary.

The deal that’d allow the city to sell the Boy Scout building back to the Boy Scouts for the legal fees they owe the organization has fallen through and the damned legal bills are mounting. According to the Boy Scouts’ lawyer, “the parties concluded that the settlement agreement would never be approved by City Council.”

Weren’t able to get a ticket to the sold out Joe Paterno memorial service? Couldn’t score one on Craigslist, either? No worries. His family is selling them and donating the proceeds to charity.

At yesterday’s Dilworth Plaza groundbreaking, City Council President Darrell Clarke made a point of, again, telling everyone he and Mayor Michael Nutter are just fine. Dandy, really.

Maybe you heard the redistricted Pennsylvania legislative map has been deemed unconstitutional by a state judge? And how all that gerrymandering is actually in the slow-motion process of biting every Pennsylvania Republican in the ass? And how, yeah, you can’t really just pick up a Philadelphia district and move the whole thing to York County? And how it’s possible Pennsylvania’s 2012 elections may be done according to 2001 lines? And how this is completely bonkers, especially because (as is the case of former House member Dennis O’Brien’s Northeast Philly seat) some of those seats are now completely empty? Well, PA House Speaker Sam Smith took some time out of voting for “Year of the Bible” legislation to beg a federal judge to rule the 2001 map unconstitutional. The 2001 map is based on 2000 census data. The state Supreme Court says no new map can be put into place until a 2011 Legislative Reapportionment Plan is finalized. Geez.

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