2012 Election: In which Donald Trump’s Endorsement Matters [UPDATED]

canditateportrait_2DownProving there’s no longer such thing as humiliation in the modern Republican Party, Donald Trump will be endorsing one of the Republican candidates for president today. And, apparently, it matters.

The owner of the saddest casino on Atlantic City’s outskirts is making said endorsement from lavish Las Vegas, Nevada (the site of the next primary), and we’re expecting at least one birther remark, since Trump began his fake joke run for president last year by playing up those fears of Alabama’s Republican base. And for those following at home, a Washington Post poll shows that while 8 percent of Americans would be “more likely” to support a candidate endorsed by Trump, 26 percent would be “less likely.”

Now comes the part that really doesn’t matter: Who will he endorse? The original report said Newt Gingrich, but the Drudge Report hints it might actually be Mitt Romney. Either way, who cares?

'I would have endorsed you. That would have spiced things up!'

'I care, dick.' 'Yeah, me too.'

Gingrich is the only candidate who’s thus far kissed the ring of the real estate developer (?) and even agreed to that hilarious fringe basic cable debate that never happened. Over at Salon, Steve Kornacki makes the case for Trump betting on Romney, since Romney is more likely to be the winner and winning sort of goes along with Trump’s image. And that may be, but at this point, considering we’re all paying attention to the endorsement (takes place at noon, today, by the way), it’s already a win for Trump. He might as well go with Rick Santorum. (Oh, please, please go with Rick Santorum!) Or, perhaps, he’ll endorse his own third party run. That’d be pretty cool, too.

UPDATE: And…it’s Romney. Makes sense, I guess. Best part is that the Democratic National Committee has been waiting all week to come out with this gem of a snark-back: “Next up: Who is Snooki going to endorse? #Trumpendorsement”

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