DAILY GRINDER: Lawyers Want Judge Removed for saying Church has Sex Abuse Problem

Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge M. Teresa Sarmina said on January 31, “Anybody that doesn’t think there is widespread sexual abuse within the Catholic Church is living on another planet.” Which is true. The Catholic Church has been harboring pedophiles with a disgusting knack for torture for decades, and doing their damndest to keep them out of prison. Then, earlier this week, the judge decided she’d let the jury in the case against Monsignor William Lynn hear about abuse complaints involving 21 other priests not being charged. Now, Lynn’s lawyers say Sarmina is obviously biased and cannot sit on the bench in this case.

Real estate developer Bart Blatstein and four partners officially want in on the bidding for the Philadelphia Media Network. They’re calling their company Philadelphia Hometown Media. PMN spokesman Mark Block says the company “is not in discussions” with PHM.

Two allegations against Jerry Sandusky have been found to be unfounded, according to his lawyer. Children and Youth Services sent him a letter last month saying as much.

There’d been rumors that if Philadelphia Democrats didn’t cooperate on the Shale impact fee bill, the city wouldn’t get a share of the sweet cash generated from the soil stabbing and sucking. Why? Because a portion of proceeds in the Shale bill would be delivered by population and since Philly has the largest population, it’d get the most. Therefore, the GOP wanted to see that at least some of our city’s Dems were on board. So, Mayor Nutter went down there on Tuesday and made sure they were. Just don’t call it “lobbying.”

Santorum has raised at least $650K since Tuesday. More on that/him later.

Two teens have pleaded guilty to beating up a Vietnam vet in Olney in January. Say hello to four years in a secure juvenile facility.

U.S. Congressional candidate Kathy Boochvar, who is running against Mike Fitzpatrick in Pennsylvania’s 8th District, won the endorsement of women’s organization EMILY’s List, a network with more than 1 million supporters and the largest political resource for women in the United States. Early in his current term, Fitzpatrick co-sponsored a bill that would have “redefined” some cases of rape in the eyes of the law, so that women who’d been molested by a family member couldn’t get government assistance in paying for an abortion. That law was later killed.

A federal judge ruled yesterday that the state should just go ahead and use those creaky, old 2001 Legislative maps for the 2012 elections. That’s what happens when you act like children.

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