DAILY GRINDER: $1.9 Million in State Budget to Honor Standup Comedian

After making the Philadelphia University “Arlen Specter Library” earmark a sticking point of his campaign against Pennsylvania Democratic uber spending and corruption in 2010, Gov. Tom Corbett recently signed off on $1.9 million for the very same library, claiming he had no choice! That building at PU will hold some of former Senator Specter’s papers and memorabilia, as well as an office where he can hang out and practice his act. Dude is funny.

Of the 10 largest cities in the United States, Philadelphia has the worst homicide rate. CNN goes over our city’s violent year so far and the writing from an outsider’s perspective makes it all the more disturbing.

City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson wants more beds in emergency shelters for victims of domestic violence. He says shelters have been forced to turn women away because of this problem and is partnering with Women Against Abuse to make the changes happen.

Ukranian hockey coach Ivan Pravilov, who was arrested last month in Philadelphia on child molestation charges, was founded dead in his cell on Friday. Pravilov was a coach and mentor to several players now in the National Hockey League.

A spokesman for the Philadelphia Media Network apologized for censoring an article last week regarding real estate mogul Bart Blatstein’s potential bidding on the company.

President Obama sort of switched his position on the birth control in the Catholic Church/Obamacare Friday, after pressure had been mounting for the better part of two weeks. Senator Bob Casey was one of five Democrat senators who’d been quietly outraged over the contraception plan. After the reversal (which allows Catholic colleges and other institutions to deny care, but does not allow the insurance company to do so), Bob Casey put out a statement saying—surprise!—he’s still not sure what he thinks about the plan. Or, in his words: “I will review the details of today’s announcement to determine whether it strikes the right balance.” Someone conduct a poll so he can figure this thing out!

Councilman Jim Kenney is proposing city legislation that’d require City Hall to “Buy American,” assuming it doesn’t break the bank by more than 5-10 percent of the foreign-made product.

Hey, that’s weird. Mitt Romney won the Conservative Political Action Conference Straw Poll this weekend. Santorum is widely considered the only candidate who got conservatives ‘riled up’ this weekend, even though he lost, then  Santorum accused Romney of rigging it.

A new Public Policy Polling, uh, poll, has Santorum leading all candidates nationally, by a lot. He’s got 38 percent, while Romney’s at 23, Gingrich at 17 and Ron Paul at 13. PPP is a Daily Kos-affiliated pollster.

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