Pew Releases New Research Polling on Crime, Nutter

As Philadelphia garners its Number 1 spot on the list of most violent cities in the United States, the Pew Charitable Trusts Philadelphia Research Center went out to figure the public’s opinion about said violence and the mayor (among other things). The big news: We generally like the way Mayor Michael Nutter is dealing. His approval rating in the city is at 60 percent, up from 52 percent at the same time last year. He has a 30 percent disapproval rating. The survey was done by phone on a random sample of 1,600 residents between January 4 and January 19. We tend to wonder if Nutter’s ‘stop being assholes‘ comment has anything to do with the bounce.

You can read the whole thing here. But for those in a hurry, here’s what else the poll found:

•    1 in 3 Philadelphians describe their finances as “good or excellent.”
•    77 percent of Philadelphians with incomes over $100,000 approve of Nutter’s job.
•    56 percent of those with incomes under $30,000 approve.
•    52 percent of Philadelphians think their finances will improve this year.
•    Over the next four years, 85 percent of the city thinks “reducing violent crime” is a top priority.
•    Then comes increasing education levels, then attracting new investment/creating jobs, then improving city services, then cutting taxes. (Sweet, looks like taxes are going up!)
•    Remember the youth curfew? A whopping 88 percent are in favor of it.
•    41 percent think it makes “some difference,” 27 percent say “a great deal of difference,” 17 percent say “not much” and 11 percent say “not at all.”
•    67 percent of the city call illegal drugs a “serious” or “very serious” problem.
•    23 percent of Philadelphians say the city has gotten better. Thirty-five percent say worse.
•    But 59 percent of us think the city will be a better place to live in five years.
•    Most Philadelphians think immigration is good for the city, but that only includes 46 percent of white residents. And we’re going to assume they all listen to the Dom Giordano show.

So there you have it. Come to your own conclusions (besides that last one). And next time someone tells you Philadelphians are always negative, all the time, tell them we may think our city sucks now but we expect it to get better real soon.

2 Responses to “ Pew Releases New Research Polling on Crime, Nutter ”

  1. John Gallagher says:

    Do any of you overly tattoo’d – ridiculously pierced – clowns at PW ever actually listen to Giordano’s show??? Don’t get me wrong – I am down with Gay marriage and Dan Savage’s trashing of Santorum – but come on – let’s be honest – if you ever actually lstened to the show – he has said repeatedly that he’s all for LEGAL immigration.

    I guess I am part of that 46 percent – I am all for legal immigration to the city – it’s made it – and continues to make it – a fun place – but I am also one of those who think that those who are here illegally – no matter why – need to be sent home. I also believe that anyone born here should automatically assume the same immigration status of their parents – if the parenst are illegal – kid’s illegal – no more anchor babies!

    Whatch go to say about that???

    My point here is that kust because someone is a conservative talk show host they are not all “evil” by oyur definition – not all want illegals rounded up and deported (I do) – and not everyone who thinks immigration is bad listens to Dom Giordano’s show!

  2. Anthony says:

    Not many people are against immigration. It’s also fairly safe to assume that most of us realize we are here because one point and time, our families migrated to America from other countries (with the exception of true natives – sorry to state the obvious). I agree John, the issue at hand is illegal immigration not immigration. It’s also safe to assume that Randy doesn’t listen to talk radio. Talk raido listeners are diverse…no secrete here.

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