?uestlove Shoots Video for Barack Obama Presidential Campaign

Philly’s favorite drummer, the Roots’ ?uestlove, has shot a video for the Barack Obama 2012 Campaign in which he makes the argument that the president needs eight years for real change to happen.

“It’s not like he can take a wand—bing!—and make magic overnight,” ?uestlove says in the 45-second feature while running an Obama afro pick in and out of his hair.

The ad is for a new front in the president’s campaign, called African Americans for Obama, which was specifically launched in time for Black History Month. The web presence of the campaign features African Americans stating why they’re supporting Obama-Biden this year, and a list of accomplishments done on behalf of African Americans over the last four years by the Administration. They include job training, education reforms and a crack down on credit card and mortgage abuses by big banks, according to the site.

“He needs eight years to finish the mission,” ?uestlove continues in the video. “We need to have his back.”

Watch it here:

YouTube Preview Image

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