DAILY GRINDER: Liquor ‘Privatization’ becomes ‘Modernization’

Just as everyone suspected, the state General Assembly is slowly backing off any attempts to privatize the state’s alcohol system in favor of what they’re all calling “modernization.” Which essentially means, “doing our job…better.” Sort of like the (fingers crossed) City Council bill that’d force the Philadelphia Parking Authority to do the same.

We previously reported the trouble surrounding the almost irreconcilable differences regarding privatization between Republicans, Democrats, other Republicans, union officials and others here and here.

You know what might be cool? Obliterating I-95. OK, not necessarily “cool,” in the practical sense, but definitely cool in the “hey, development/green space!” sense. City Hall isn’t talking about it, but Next American City is.

Former Senator Rick Santorum, now considered by some to be the favorite for the Republican nomination, was all over Sunday politics talk yesterday. He went on Face The Nation to criticize the Affordable Health Act, specifically the issue of the day: Abortion. And specifically under that umbrella, prenatal screenings. (Does this thing keep getting weirder, or what?) He argues that prenatal tests encourage abortions. Which is bad, even though it’s a right upheld by the Supreme Court. “The bottom line is that a lot of prenatal tests are done to identify deformities in utero and the customary procedure is to encourage abortions,” Santorum told host Bob Schieffer. In this article by Tom Fitzgerald, the following line was written to explain Santorum’s comment: “He said he was referring specifically to amniocentesis, in which fluid from the amniotic sac is drawn to test chromosomes for birth defects.” What?

However, the real big news from the exchange yesterday was how Santorum later questioned President Barack Obama’s religious faith, which of course he did. As we’re all aware, the president has grown up in the last four years. Back then, he was a young, avowed radical secret Muslim, who bowed to the east several times a day. In secret. Now he hates all religions. The only thing that remains the same is that he thinks American Christianity is rednecky.

And who can forget the Philadelphia Media Network debacle? Three-hundred newsroom employees of the Daily News, Inquirer and Philly.com have signed a public statement calling on “current and any future owners of the media company” to not be douchebags, i.e. protect the integrity of their reporting, which many contend has been compromised as of late, and could be compromised more based on who buys the papers.

One of those potential bidders, Ed Rendell, told The Naked Philadelphian, “I don’t think that we will be buying” the papers. Hours later, he told the Inquirer he didn’t mean what he said, and he may still be in negotiations.

Grrr. Someone’s slashing tires in Mayfair. Neighbors be not amused.

There was a “fiery” crash on Lincoln Drive Saturday night. One person was killed.

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