Pennsylvania Elections Are Coming; Here are your Candidates

canditateportrait_2DownA full list of Pennsylvania candidates for the 2012 elections was put online Friday. That includes everybody hoping to compete in any election—primaries and generals. Here’s what it means for you:

Statewide, we’ll be voting for presidential candidate (and all primaries) on April 24. That’ll happen whether or not any (or all but one) of the Republicans decide to drop out of the presidential race. On the Republican side, as you probably know, it’s Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. They’ve all signed up to at least be on the ballot. The Democrats have one: Barack Obama. Unless the challenge against Obama’s eligibility filed by some Birthers on Friday goes anywhere.

On the U.S. Senate ballot, the Republicans have Sam Rohrer, Steven Welch, Marc Scaringi, Tom Smith and David Christian. Philadelphia native Robert Allen Mansfield dropped out of that race to run in the Second District Congressional race. On the Democratic side, Bob Casey shouldn’t have a tough time against newcomer Joe Vodvarka, a small business owner and manufacturer of springs and wire forms in Allegheny County. Check out his “Why I’m running” video here.

For Attorney General, it’s former Congressman Patrick Murphy up against Lackawanna lawyer Kathleen Kane on the Democratic ticket. The Republicans have one candidate, David Freed.

Moving on. Your U.S. Congressman is one of two people: Bob Brady or Chaka Fattah [or Allyson Schwartz]. All are being challenged this year, though only Brady and Schwartz are facing a primary. Brady’s going up against Jimmie Moore in the primary, who made headlines when he called for the National Guard to come into Philadelphia and clean up the crime problem. Schwartz is up against ‘Occupy candidate’ and Democrat Nathan Kleinman. Then, in the general, our old friend John Featherman will be on the Republican ticket facing the First District Democrat. Featherman previously ran for mayor in 2011 as a Republican and lost the primary to Karen Brown. [This paragraph has been corrected.]

Second District incumbent Chaka Fattah does not have a primary challenger, but will face Iraq War vet Robert Allen Mansfield, a Republican from North Philadelphia. We previously profiled him here.

In the state General Assembly, you’re likely represented in the Senate by either Larry Farnese, Shirley Kitchen, Mike Stack or Vincent Hughes. Kitchen and Hughes are set for an uncontested victory in November. Farnese will face Democrat John Morley in the primary. Morley has run for the seat previously, including in 2000 when the building contractor filed a lawsuit saying a Center City lawyer tried to force him off the ballot against then-State Sen. Vince Fumo. On the GOP side, lawyer and Iraq War vet Alfonso Gambone (of the firm Capone and Gambone) will be on the ballot in November.

Mike Stack is facing Michael Tomlinson from the Republican side. That’s not the singer, but besides that, we’re still figuring out who this guy is.

In the many races for state Reps. in Philly, in our bloated branch of state government that is the House, one race sticks out: The 169th District. Formerly represented by Councilman Dennis O’Brien, redistricting sent the seat to York County, for a second. But that map was thrown out and now, unsure of the 169th’s future, there are candidates from both Philadelphia and York in the mix, even though the cities are more than 100 miles away from each other. Two Republicans from Philadelphia (David Kralle, John McCann) and one Democrat (Edward Nielson) are running for the seat. The rest of the candidates (Leroy Wentz, Allan Case, Marc Woerner) are Republicans from York.

In the 170th, which holds parts of Northeast Philadelphia, Democrat Brendan Boyle is being challenged by Republican George Weiss. Kevin Boyle, who represents the 172nd, is being challenged by Daniel Collins in the primary, and Philadelphia Republican dinosaur Al Taubenberger in the general election (Taubenberger previously ran for mayor against Michael Nutter in 2007 and for City Council at-Large in 2011). He almost won the latter.

Michael McGeehan, Michael O’Brien, Thomas Curtis, William Keller and John Sabatina are all running unopposed. In the 177th, Republican John Taylor is running against Democrat William Dunbar in the general. Tony Payton is facing Clay James in the Democratic primary. Angel Cruz will go up against Jonathan Ramos in the 180th. Rep. Babette Josephs is facing two Democrats in the primary: Brian Sims and Paul Hagins. In the 185th, Maria Donatucci will face Democrats Norma McNeil and Fareeda Mabry in the primary; Jordan Harris is facing a huge list of candidates in the 186th primary: Harold James, Tim Hannah, Damon Roberts, Edward Nesmith and Fawwaz Beyha.

The rest of the races are as follows: Ernes Adkins, James Roebuck, Darryl Egler and Muhammad Fatimah are running for the 188th District. Vanessa Brown, Lemuel Thornton, Audrey Blackwell-Watson and Wanda Logan (all Democrats) are running for the 190th. Casey Ford and Ronald Waters are running for the 191st. Louise Bishop and Will Mega are facing off in the primary for the 192nd. Linda Bateman, Pamela Delissio and Ray Bailey are running in the 194th. Seth Grove and Dan Bradley in the 196th. In the 197th, which is Sheriff Jewell Williams’ old seat, Steve Crum, Kenneth Walker, James Johnson, Jose Miranda, Gary Williams, Milton Street (*yes) and Jewel Williams (*yes) are all running in the primary. Malik Boyd, Rosita Youngblood and Charisma Presley are running in the 198th. Michael Ellis, Stephen Kinsey and Karl Gamble are running in the 201st. Mark Cohen and Numa St Louis are facing off in the 202nd. And, finally, it’s Sabriya Bilal, Dwight Evans and Thomas Lamont in the Democratic primary for the 203rd District. Stay tuned for further coverage of state Rep. and Senate races. And why you should vote in them.

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  1. My name is misspelled. Fareeda Mabry

  2. Andrew Kleeman says:

    Yes, good pithy article covering a lot of ground. But the candidates listed for the 195th in the PA House are acually candidates for the 194th (Batement (R), DiLissio(D) and Baily (D)). The 195th Kleeman, Brownlee, El, Jones and Morgan – all “D’s”.

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