NJ Weedman’s Hitting The Road, Making His Way From Cali To Philly

Regular PW/PN readers know it’s been tough times for NJ Weedman, aka marijuana activist/capitalist Ed Forchion. As we reported in December, the feds raided his Liberty Bell Temple and related growing operation two weeks before Christmas, and last month the Hollywood medicinal pot-shop closed for good. Meanwhile, Forchion’s facing the possibility of significant jail time if he’s convicted of a marijuana possession with intent to distribute charge stemming from a 2010 traffic stop in Mt. Holly, N.J., where cops found a pound of high-grade weed in the trunk of his rental car. His trial was originally slated for last October, but was moved to April 10 at the Burlington County Courthouse.

Forchion, of course, isn’t going down without a fight. Or a spectacle. Along with his pit bull Cheeba, he’s hopping in his righteous airbrushed Weedmobile van for a cross-country, publicity-raising journey from California back to the Jerz (think of it as the stoner version of Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley) to face a jury of his peers and try to wiggle out of his predicament by employing a longshot jury nullification defense. Weedman’s launching his voyage on March 20 (sure, 3/20’s not as ideal as 4/20, but what can you do?), and he’ll be tweeting (@NJWeedman) and hanging with his supporters along the way before rolling into Philly around March 28 to kick it here for a few days, rally his local supporters, maybe speak at the Nullify Now! convention at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on March 31, and probably just generally smoke a shit-ton of weed and party down around Philly in what could possibly be his last weeks of freedom if things go bad at the courthouse in April.

Forchion just posted a video about his upcoming adventure:

YouTube Preview Image

13 Responses to “ NJ Weedman’s Hitting The Road, Making His Way From Cali To Philly ”

  1. jose says:

    Occupy Burlington is being planned to promote jury nullification as a way to combat unjust laws. I tried to make reservations at Burlington KOA from April 6 to April 15 for a party of 9 and the reservation system said a party of 9 is too large to handle!!

    It looks to me like Burlington thinks that they are so remote that they can isolate protestors. I would like to see bus loads of protestors with tents show up with their livestream feeds.

  2. NJWeedman says:

    @jose – thanks for the help.

    The courtroom is open to the public, I’d love to have a courtroom full of potheads. There is a protest being planned outside of the courthouse also. As long as its on the sidewalk.

  3. fp cassini says:

    hello mr. weedman-

    we produce a socially conscious variety show on TheRadiator.org 105.9 FM, a freeform community Low Power radio and internet tv studio. we would love to do a phone interview with you. we broadcast live every friday 10 am – noon thirty. would you be available to chat during that time?

    kudos for fighting for your beliefs! we look forward to connecting with you.

    -fp cassini

  4. The Judge! says:

    I already told Mr.Forchion that he was not allowed to use jury nullification as a defense. Maybe people don’t remember that part, or just forget it in order to collect donations. While a noble attempt at publicizing jury nullification, it will not be happening in my courtroom.

  5. NJWeedman says:

    Ha ha that was funny FAKE JUDGE!

    But if it was my Judge this is the reality -

    “I’m doing it and there is nothing that can stop me. Unless you plan on taping my mouth shut and shackling my feet it’s happening old white dude!”

    Please listen to this INTERVEIW FAKE JUDGE


  6. The Judge! says:

    Why is it that people are making donations to your legal fight, yet you have a public defender? People should know that they are paying for this guys weed and parties, not his lawyer, you already paid for that with your tax dollars. So he is a real double dipper.

    What exactly are you using those donations for Mr.Forchion?

  7. The Judge! says:

    By the way, I have plenty of tape.

  8. NJWeedman says:

    Haters are every where ( thanks pat )

    I need to get to new jersey gas costs, Ive detailed my expenses on my page.

    The one thing I never need is for anyone to pay for my weed I have enough weed for the entire jury after trial.

    The after trial party would be great. Where I celebrate kicking the states add in court. Your invited.

  9. NJWeedman says:

    Having a public defender is a joke – he and his office refuse to help me.

    Read the link FAKE JUDGE – http://home.njweedman.com/node/182

  10. Rosstafari says:

    Ive acted Pro Se. Public Defenders do suck. I know it all too well.
    Either get your own defense attorney or do it pro se. Its the only way!

  11. Rosstafari says:

    Oh and if you have to have a public defender, than stay strong and fight all the way. I say do whatever you have to do to survive. No judgement here. When your pressed between a rock and a hard place like i have been, i understand.

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