DAILY GRINDER: Nevada Pol Makes Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Endorsement


Former Nevada Senatorial candidate and noted crazy person Sharron Angle has decided to make an endorsement in the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race. Her pick: David Christian. She notes his commitment to working with Vietnam veterans and getting them jobs. She calls Gov. Tom Corbett’s recent endorsement of Steve Welch “indecent and immoral.” Of everyone, she continues: “They all must be stopped and David Christian is the only person who has the moral fiber and tenacity to put an end to this nonsense.” Christian’s website notes that Obama is just like Jimmy Carter. And that his policies (and rhetoric) are “irresponsible.” Angle is publicly supporting Rick Santorum for president, too.

The numbers are in and they’re ugly. Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett’s budget is costing the city of Philadelphia $42 million, mostly in mental health and addiction treatment funds. Another $21 million is getting cut from the school district, due to the elimination of the “state accountability grant.” Pensions are going up and the city is going to have to cover an additional $14 million of that next year. City Finance Director Rob Dubow told the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority that the whole thing is “pretty negative.”

In light of that, the mayor and other city officials are holding a press conference this afternoon to discuss the cuts.

Maybe you heard about the draft regulation by the Board of Health that’d require individuals and groups feeding three or more homeless people to get a permit to do so? More organizations are lining up to call the city out on the requirement. Many think it’s a backhanded way to get the homeless population away from the Ben Franklin Parkway, which is a popular food distribution site.

Update: The Chester County woman accused of selling horses for slaughter will avoid jail to join a first offenders’ program.

And speaking of animal slaughter, Pennsylvania Lottery Executive Director Todd Rucci said yesterday they’re pulling the ads which feature “the second most famous groundhog in Pennsylvania,” Gus. The PA Lottery will shift their marketing in a “new direction.”

Our old friend Carl Greene, former head of the Philadelphia Housing Authority, is back in the news. He’s still got a defamation lawsuit going against the PHA and its former board members. But he suffered a blow this week when a federal judge said Carolyn Griffith would be able to testify against Greene in the case. Griffith maintains Greene sexually harassed her.

Villanova University has cancelled a weeklong workshop that was to be put on by Tim Miller, a gay performance artist. His stage shows are “often laced with nudity and simulated sex.” That’s why they call it Villa-no-fun.

City Council has a long tradition of not meeting during weeks of federal holidays, just like everyone else! City Council President Darrell Clarke calls this year’s vacation “an oversight in our office” and plans on making adjustments for Council to meet more often. Reportedly included in that adjustment: Meeting over the summer. But don’t hold your breath.

3 Responses to “ DAILY GRINDER: Nevada Pol Makes Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Endorsement ”

  1. Jim Rowls says:

    While not a fan of Sharon Angle or Rick Santorum, I have to say that David Christian is actually a decent man who’s done a lot for veterans over the years. True story.

  2. Debbie Delco says:

    I second that Jim, Dave Christian has done a heck of a lot for this country. Good man, good values.

  3. Joe Panella says:

    What’s with the noted crazy person crack? Yes indeed, this periodical is impartial. I am out of NV but if you had a dam sense of decency and respect for the law over there you would not have permitted Reid to steal the election. After all, you can’t let a little thing like a voter fraud conviction for the NV head of ACORN and 400,000 invalid votes identified to get in the way.
    Is it illogical to assume that if 400,000 invalid’s were identified that others got through and were counted? Was anything done to address that or is this business as usual over there.
    PS the end of the story is even worse: some leftist agenda driven judge who obviously has no respect for the law, gave the convicted person a pass on jail time……and Sharron is crazy?

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