DAILY GRINDER: Powder Sent to Sen. Toomey’s Office; Commenters Crack Case

A “Suspicious” white powder (which contained only cornstarch) was sent to Sen. Pat Toomey’s office and first noticed by an intern. Authorities are looking into it, but in the meantime, commenters at the bottom of this article are doing their damndest to figure it out. Very likely, according to them, the powder either came from Toomey himself (for some reason) or from an Occupy Philly member (for some reason.)

News: Philadelphia Police Officer Frank Tepper shot and killed his Port Richmond neighbor in 2009. More news: He was convicted yesterday and will spend the rest of his life behind bars. Philly: Because he was off duty at the time of the murder, he will continue receiving his city pension.

And yet Pennsylvania as a whole is trying to “crack down” on county inmates collecting unemployment.

Here’s a new email from the Santorum campaign:

This campaign has a pattern. You rise up in the polls and Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and their campaign of negative attacks try to beat you down. It happened to Newt after South Carolina and now it’s happening to me. Let me tell you what I really think about the attacks: I’m not backing down.

Incredibly, the New York Times said it best last night:

“But Mr. Santorum, unlike other Republican opponents whom Mr. Romney has targeted during this unwieldy primary battle, did not recoil. He returned the attacks as forcefully as they were delivered, arguing that the health care plan Mr. Romney signed as governor of Massachusetts would complicate the party’s effort to criticize President Obama’s health care plan. He also dismissed Mr. Romney’s argument that he balanced the Massachusetts budget.”

Here is Mayor Michael Nutter doing squats and looking like it really hurts.

A rally was held in South Philly last night in support of two Catholic Schools set to close down: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Archdiocese responded, saying, “Change can be difficult to embrace.”

A bullet was shot into the State Capitol building some time last weekend. No shell casings or witnesses.

Pennsylvania Republican Senate favorite San Rohrer says Sen. Bob Casey doesn’t protect life. And by life, he’s talking about fetuses, and only fetuses.

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