Corbett on Ultrasound Bill: ‘You Just have to Close Your Eyes’

Nothing says rugged individualism gone creepsville quite like Gov. Tom Corbett’s remarks on the forced shaming of Pennsylvania’s female population.

When asked recently about the controversial ultrasound bill working its way through the state House of Representatives, Corbett became a little less Juno, a little more Alien. A member of the press asked the most obvious question: does making women watch their ultrasound before an abortion go “too far in your mind?”

“I’m not making anybody watch, OK,” he answered. “Because you just have to close your eyes. As long as it’s on the exterior and not the interior.” Check it (courtesy of PA Independent):

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House Bill 1077, the ultrasound legislation, was introduced by Rep. Kathy Rapp and would force women seeking an abortion to undergo a mandatory ultrasound, listen to the fetus’ heartbeat and receive a print photograph of said ultrasound in an envelope before undergoing an abortion procedure. Originally, it’d force women to undergo a transvaginal procedure, but that language has been scrapped. It’s being sold by Republican members of the Legislature as a measure that would educate women on the procedure. Some pro-life voices believe the ultrasound should be mandatory because when women walk into a hospital which provides abortion services or a Planned Parenthood clinic, they are no longer able to think for themselves.

Evidence that viewing an ultrasound will shame women enough into not seeking the procedure is, by Rapp’s own admission, completely anecdotal. When asked about that on Radio Times, she recounted one story of an unnamed woman in Rhode Island once regretting her abortion.

The state Democratic Party and Attorney General candidate Pat Murphy are both leaping on this as fast as possible, sending out the same email. They write, “This might be the most flat-out offensive thing [Corbett’s] said. It is disrespectful to women and just plain mean-spirited.” Murphy has called on Corbett to apologize for the remarks.

More than 10 state legislatures are currently considering or have passed forced ultrasound legislation for women seeking an abortion. Many believe Pennsylvania’s would be the most radical.

2 Responses to “ Corbett on Ultrasound Bill: ‘You Just have to Close Your Eyes’ ”

  1. Shae says:

    OMG, when is the next election !?!?!?!? I can’t believe what a horrible governor Mr. Corbett turned out to be!!

  2. labman57 says:

    Similar sentiments have been attributed to rapists toward their victims …

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