DAILY GRINDER: AG Candidate Murphy Says he Won’t Enforce ‘Ultrasound’ Legislation

Former Congressman and current Pennsylvania Attorney General candidate Patrick Murphy claims he won’t enforce the ultrasound bill if it goes into law and he is elected in November. His Democratic primary opponent, Kathleen Kane, is also opposed to the bill but has stopped short of saying she plain old won’t enforce it.

Gov. Corbett is now saying his “Close your eyes” comment regarding the ultrasound bill was taken out of context. Even though there’s video of it.

City Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. has offered legislation that, he says, would strengthen the Police Advisory Commission. His ideas include upping the number of people on the PAC, from 14 to 17. And to help out with the backlog of cases, the commission would have to respond to complaints of police misconduct within seven days of receiving them. He’d also like to provide adequate funding.

Former Philadelphia police officer Keith Corley was acquitted of sexual assault charges, after a woman previously claimed he forced her to have sex with him while on duty. However, he was found guilty of less serious misdemeanor sex charges.

Some local groups, including “Chosen 300 Ministries” and “We Feed the Homeless: Philly” claim they are going to continue feeding the homeless outside, despite Mayor Nutter’s order barring them from doing so. That rule goes into effect next month.

Last week, by a vote of 15-2, City Council passed a resolution denouncing the Voter ID bill, which passed the state House, and Gov. Tom Corbett signed, last week. The only nay-voters were David Oh and Brian O’Neill, who are both Republicans. O’Neill claims he’s against the legislation, too, just against condemning it more.

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum was asked about his relationship with former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter again this weekend. He says his support of Specter’s brief run for president in 1996 “wasn’t one of my prouder moments.”

CBS News put out a hidden-camera video of 14 Republican Congressmen raising money in Florida—including Bucks County (and pre-redistricting, Northeast Philly) Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick. It’s not damning and PoliticsPA has some fun with the CBS report, in which they include this gem: “PoliticsPA has learned that people are only able to attend these events, called “fundraisers,” if they pay money.”

Mitt Romney won Puerto Rico’s Republican primary this weekend. Rick Santorum, on the other hand, lectured the people of Puerto Rick to learn English.

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