DAILY GRINDER: Drexel U. Attacked for ‘Abortion Clinic Escort Service’

Our dear friends at Life News have a new boogeyman: Drexel University. (All those engineering students in one place? Sounds fishy.) The school has a service in which students can escort women to abortion clinics, protect them from potential anti-choice protester harassment, observe protesters and make sure none overstep their bounds. This is terrible, according to the pro-life op/ed website. Also, people who chill out side women’s health facilities aren’t harassing anyone — they’re simply “sidewalk counselors” (true story) so what’s the big deal? “Facilitating the deaths of unborn children, intimidating pro-life sidewalk counselors with bogus legal threats, and misinforming students about constitutional law is a far cry from the public good!” reads this article. Life News is the same site that wrote women in Pennsylvania need government ultrasound legislation because as soon as they step inside an abortion complex, they can no longer think for themselves.

Hey friends: Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney won another GOP primary last night. It was Illinois and news reports are saying it was the lowest attended GOP primary in 70 years.

And yet, Rick Santorum claims this is the most important presidential election since 1860. Because President Obama is set to wage a new Civil War, right? Oh, and Santorum will be hanging in Pennsylvania for the time being, now. No one dropped out of the race.

State Rep. Babette Josephs has unsurprisingly won the endorsements of the political action committees of Planned Parenthood of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Organization of Women.

Public health officials testified before City Council yesterday on Governor Tom Corbett’s 20 percent reduction in funds for the city. All agreed the cuts will “have a drastic effect on the care provided to the city’s homeless, drug addicted and mentally ill,” according to Newsworks.

Included at the hearing were officials from counties surrounding Philadelphia. Everyone is getting screwed this year.

The Philly chiropractor convicted of burning down his business and three others wants the federal government to return the 13 million Iraqi dinar seized from his home. Where’s my dinar!

Even though the Philadelphia Police Department has backed off, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 still want former Police Chief and current Occupy protester Ray Lewis to take off his damn uniform. And not in that way. In that way. Union president John McNesby told the Inky, “If I was the city, I’d arrest him every time for impersonating a police officer.”

And former Northeast Philly state Rep. John Perzel has been sentenced to 30-60 months for his part in Bonusgate.

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