Josephs: Women who Support Ultrasound Bill are ‘Men with Breasts’

Babette_streetAlways one to speak bluntly on liberal issues, Rep. Babette Josephs of Philadelphia made quite the statement during an anti-ultrasound bill rally today in Harrisburg. As reported by PennLive, Josephs blasted female lawmakers who’ve decided to put their name on the controversial legislation by calling them ‘men with breasts.’

“What are they?” she asked rhetorically. “Women, or are they men with breasts?”

Josephs’ point was that the bill is anti-woman and, therefore, those women in support of the bill are acting against their self-interest. Rep. Kathy Rapp, a Republican woman, is the lead sponsor of the bill.

Josephs continued, with a common critique she gives about her colleagues in the House involved in anti-choice legislation. “They must believe that [their constituents] are not capable of making their own health care choices, but they are capable of voting on bills that control all of our behavior…I don’t understand it … I don’t believe they’re really women. … I believe they’re men with breasts.

Josephs’ comments come at a time when tons of rhetoric and counter legislation is squirming its way out of Harrisburg. Two weeks ago, Gov. Tom Corbett told reporters of the bill, “you just have to close your eyes” to avoid looking at the ultrasound video the doctor performing the ultrasound has strategically placed in front of your face, as per the regulations in the bill. State Senator Larry Farnese has introduced semi-ironic counter legislation that’d force regulations on men seeking erectile dysfunction medication, too.

The ultrasound bill has been “shelved” by Republicans to appease moderates afraid of going on record on a controversial matter during an election year. There is no word, yet, on whether the bill will come up after the election, when those Republicans are safe. Several other states have additionally passed similar forms of this legislation.

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