Brian Sims Wins Coveted LGBT Endorsements

The hotly contested 182nd District Pennsylvania House race (Parts of Center City, Fairmount, Gayborhood) between current Rep. Babette Josephs and challenger Brian Sims, just got a bit more heated. Yesterday, Sims, an LGBT activist and lawyer, received the endorsement of the Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club and Equality PA—both of whom have supported Josephs in the past.

Sims insists in a press release these endorsements are not based on his potential to be the state’s first openly-gay legislator, but because of what he’s done.

“To receive these endorsements,” Sims put out in a press release, “I had to demonstrate that I have a broad base of support across the district and have strong progressive stances on issues beyond LGBT issues. I won these endorsements not just for my work in the LGBT community, but for my steadfast support and commitment to a woman’s right to choose, health care reform, funding for domestic violence prevention and homeless shelters, and a fair and democratic election process.”

Josephs, an outspoken member of Philly’s delegation in the House, is a co-chair of the State Legislature LGBT Equality Caucus, whose work includes “the extension of equal rights, the repeal of discriminatory laws, the elimination of hate-motivated violence, and the improved health and well-being for all regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.”

The caucus was begun, in part, through the organizational tactics of Equality PA. Josephs has said her ultimate goal with the group is “to make same sex marriage as valid and respected as different sex unions.”

Josephs, who is endorsed by the National Organization of Women (whose endorsement includes, in part, LGBT issues), made headlines this week when she referred to women who’ve signed onto the GOP ultrasound bill as “men with breasts.” She has agreed to debate Sims on April 17. The primary is April 24.

Note: A former version of this blog said Josephs had not agreed to debate Sims. This blog has been corrected to note Josephs’ and Sims’ scheduled debate.

3 Responses to “ Brian Sims Wins Coveted LGBT Endorsements ”

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  2. Angry Lesbian 4 Babette says:

    I think that both organizations should have endorsed Babette. While Babette is holistic and focuses on the actual whole of Philadelphia’s LGBTIQ community, Brian only cares about the PCGM (privileged cisgender gay male) portion of it, and is beholden to followers who have a lot of internalized patriarchy, misogyny, transphobia, sexism, sizism, shape-ism, passism, and biphobia. I was bringing up important policy considerations which would have otherwise been ignored during the whole session (not just for the 182nd), but Brian’s supporters came up to me and said I talked too much and I was redundant, because they just HAD to get to happy hour at Knock.

    As for Brian, he could never get my gender pronoun right; and I would never want to work with him, and other LGBTIQ activists shouldn’t either.

  3. 182nd Voter says:

    I don’t think anyone in the 182nd thinks Josephs is a bad rep, but the biggest issue is that she has NEVER attempted to create a democratic base or coalition to get things done in Harrisburg. For the most progressive (read: democratic) district in the state to simply sit idle and allow republicans to run Harrisburg is shameful. The rep for the 182nd should be one that can build a coalition of democratic reps to push for change on the state level.
    PA is behind Tennessee, Kentucky, and other solid “red” states on basic issues such as LGBT rights, women’s health issues, the environment, and JOBS! While Josephs can always be counted on to vote for progressive causes, WHAT HAS SHE ACTUALLY DONE TO CHANGE THE STATUS QUO? Why is it that she has NEVER passed her own bill? Other legislators will not work with her because she is toxic and ignores the needs of other Dems in the state. It is time for a change. VOTE on April 24th and send BRIAN SIMS to Harrisburg!

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