DAILY GRINDER: Philadelphia Media Network May be Sold Today, Amidst new NJ Cronyism Allegations

The Philadelphia Media Network could be sold as soon as today. The alleged group set to make the purchase includes George E. Norcross III, a South Jersey “Democratic powerbroker,” Lewis Katz, Ed Snider and H.F. Lenfest. Estimated asking price: $60 million.

And here’s something: A new report from the New Jersey State Comptroller notes the Delaware River Port Authority “has wasted millions of dollars of toll payers’ money through mismanagement and political cronyism.” The comptroller also “exposed an insurance payback deal allegedly orchestrated by George E. Norcross III, the South Jersey insurance executive and Democratic Party power broker who is chairman of the board of Cooper University Hospital in Camden.” And here’s that story reported in the Inky. It also notes that “The Norcross insurance arrangement provided $455,000 over seven years to Norcross’ insurance company and an insurance broker designated by Norcross.”

Councilman Jim Kenney wants to put a question on the November ballot that would allow voters to decide whether those running for office should resign their current elected position first. For instance, the Councilman who wants to run for mayor would first have to stop being a councilman. Kenney says those already holding office when they run have an unfair advantage. They’re “getting a paycheck, having the ability to raise money in a public office — and if you lose, you don’t lose your public office.”

Kenney also said he wouldn’t vote for the soda tax, were it to come up again, which Mayor Michael Nutter insists it won’t. Or, at least, there are ‘no plans’ to increase taxes.

According to testimony in yesterday’s clergy abuse hearings, “sexual sobriety” was a bit difficult for many area priests. St. John Vianney, a church-run hospital in Downingtown, had “Sexaholics Anonymous” meetings devoted exclusively to priests. Others attended “Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous.” But at least they weren’t off marrying women. That would be against God and such. Am I right, folks?

Oh, and do yourself a favor and buy Archbishop Chaput’s new book about how Obama and this “care” of his is destroying America. It’s sure to be a real page turner!

Philadelphia City Council voted on a resolution that “urges” the State Legislature to move on bills that would protect victims of childhood sexual abuse. Chaput, care to weigh in on this one, too? It’s politics and you’re real into that, right?

The School Reform Commission decided yesterday to close eight schools and leave two open. Closing: Harrison, Drew, Levering, Pepper, Sheridan West, FitzSimons, Rhodes, the High School for Business and Technology. Open: E.M. Stanton and Issac A. Sheppard.

The General Assembly now say they will finally—finally!—begin considering privatizing liquor stores come May or June. Rep. Mike Turzai introduced a privatization bill a few months back, which many pro-privatization advocates saw as a letdown and compromise. That bill would leave state stores open.

The Pennsylvania GOP is already out with some commercials saying President Barack Obama and Senator Bob Casey are the same person, because they both eat Obamacare for breakfast. “President Obama signed this 2,741 page monstrosity two years ago. In fact, ObaamCare’s second birthday was last Friday. But was the President celebrating? No. Did Bob Casey, who enthusiastically supported its passage in 2010, release any congratulations? No…” goes the commercial.

Yes, Arlen Specter was on Radio Times and said Sarah Palin is “strong on sensuality” even though she’s dumb.

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