Arlen Specter FREAKS OUT on Radio Show

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Former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has a new book out called Life Among the Cannibals. It’s all about how Washington D.C.’s culture is very divided nowadays and that is, in part, reason for Arlen Specter’s devolution in the political arena. The Democrat-turned Republican-turned Democrat has been making the rounds to talk about the book as of late, which arguably kicked off at the Helium Comedy Club on Dec. 27. And outside of than that Center City scripted open mic moment, the East Falls Hero has been making quite a few gaffes.

For instance, last week, he made a weird remark comparing Sarah Palin’s skirt length to her “sensuality.” He also called her stupid.  Then he said Mitt Romney has “changed positions more often than a pornographic movie queen,” though noted he stole the bit from comedian Bill Maher (who he mistakenly called ‘Bill Ross.’)

Later, on Friday, Specter went on Jason Lewis’ radio show to talk up the book. (Lewis is a conservative host based out of Atlanta, Ga Minneapolis.) The two had a conversation about Trayvon Martin’s killing, the Affordable Care Act and other issues. After coming back from a commercial toward the end of the segment, Specter had apparently had enough of the host not specifically talking about Life Among the Cannibals.

“Jason, I have one final comment,” Specter said. “I gave you 10 minutes. You’ve been over every subject except for my book. I’ve listened to two rounds of your commercials. I think it’s insulting. I’ve been in a lot of interviews in the course of the past 30 years and you are absolutely insulting!”

Lewis tried to get a word in, but Specter had none of it. “This is no way to run an interview!” he said. “Listen, I’m talking about somebody who’s civilized!”

“I told you the last time around I wasn’t looking to sit around and listen to your commercials, and I didn’t want to hang up on you. But I want to tell you this is no way for anybody to run an interview. I’m as experienced as you are, if not more so. And that’s all I have to tell you, so goodbye!”

Lewis then responded after the former Senator hung up.

“Good lord, senator — no wonder you got beat,” Lewis said. “This is the most intolerant guest I’ve ever had on the program. How on earth do you — Does he only do NPR interviews? Is that the deal? I’ve never heard anything like it. Well, good luck with the book. I think you’re going to need it.”

Lewis later told Fox News Specter is the “poster child for why the Tea Party rose.” Adding: “He really did come off as spending obviously too much time in Washington, and the reaction I’ve gotten is, ‘Boy, oh boy, is this guy out of touch.”

The thesis of Specter’s book is that DC has been overrun by political ideologues who do not see room for centrist candidates. The way to perhaps change all this, according to PoliticsPA’s review, is to “Throw away the practice by Majority Leaders of both parties of blocking amendments. Require filibustering Senators to physically hold the floor, rather than compelling cloture votes based on threats. Make it public when a Senator places a hold on a nomination. Declare a ceasefire among Senators to agree not to campaign against one another – particularly within the same party.”

4 Responses to “ Arlen Specter FREAKS OUT on Radio Show ”

  1. Mark S says:

    That whole interview was jaw-dropping. Obviously Specter had no idea what kind of program he was appearing on. Jason Lewis has certain sympathies with the Tea Party and Ron Paul, and I had a feeling it would not turn out well.

    By the way, Jason Lewis is based out of Minneapolis, not Atlanta.

  2. Sonny says:

    Democrat turned Republican turned Democrat should explain it all (and it doesn’t matter what order the parties are in). Yet he criticizes Romney for changing positions. I’m from Philadelphia, and every Monday morning he calls in to a local radio sports talk show. It is so annoying to hear the “insightful” comments from this arrogant blowbag that I moved down the dial. It is my impression that he is a bitter old man because now there is no reason for anybody to kiss his butt and I also think that he is having difficulty accepting the fact that he is becoming an irrelevant old man.

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  4. I normally wouldn’t say this about a politician, but… he shouldn’t have quit his day job.

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