Nutter Says Tainted Spinach Gets More Attention than Black Violence

NutternRamseyMayor Michael Nutter was in Washington DC yesterday to speak at the Youth Violence Prevention Forum. While there, he noted that black-on-black violence gets less attention in the national media than tainted spinach, and called for a “national investigation” into the trend.

He called black youth violence “a disease… It’s a rash, and if there were a rash killing a hundred and some odd young people on a daily basis we’d be doing something about it.”

His comparison went further as he said five bad bags of spinach throughout the country would signal a “national alert” and “every bag would be snatched off the shelves”—and yet, homicide is the leading cause of death for black men, ages 16 to 34, which prompts little national response.

“There is no national investigation about this issue–that black people are killing black people all across the United States of America,” he said.

About 75 percent of the city’s 316 murder victims in 2011 were black men and 80 percent of the arrests involved black men, he added. Those statistics were, in part, used to rationalize his curfew law last year.

Nutter has become notably incensed about violence in the city as of late, publicly calling murderers “assholes” earlier this year, and watching as that video became an Internet meme.

“Many African American boys are killed in America each and every day,” he said, “most of which are never going to be on CNN, MSNBC – mostly not even on the local news in those particular jurisdictions.”

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