DAILY GRINDER: ESPN Alleges Gov. Corbett Had JoePa Fired

When Tom Corbett says he wants season tickets, he means it.

Next time: Just get me season tickets.

ESPN’s Outside the Lines has a story out which alleges Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett ordered the firing of Joe Paterno from Penn State, and, as many would believe, by extension, killed him? (Your Facebook friend: BLESS JOEPAS HEART, HE NEEDED WORK TO LIVE!) The piece reads: “And the governor said, ‘I told them to do it,’ ” Capretto said. “He was proud of it. I told him, ‘You don’t realize what you have created here. The damage to Penn State is enormous.’” In the Outside the Lines piece, Corbett is painted as zealous at the chance to play a role in the Penn State scandal. Corbett’s office responded, via StateCollege, “ESPN’s report from the grassy knoll merely adds another chapter to the growing list of conspiracy theories surrounding the Sandusky case. It is a disappointment to read something so long, filled with so many errors, that offers so little by way of new or even real fact.” Oddly, this is the sort of thing people are going to be outraged about, not cuts to Medicare, food stamp asset tests or Voter ID legislation.

And speaking of ID, the Pennsylvania House has passed a bill that would allow the state to “opt out” of the federal Real ID Act, which would require citizens carry a national ID card. The Pennsylvania opt out bill is supported by an odd coalition, including the ACLU, conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats.

Someone allegedly splashed red paint on a billboard advertising Damon Roberts for State Rep. in South Philadelphia and stuffed a note in his campaign’s front window which included a racial slur.

Pennsylvania has won a $9 million grant from the federal Health and Human Services agency, courtesy of Obamacare, which will “provide early childhood support and counseling services for young mothers and families.” The Corbett Administration, who has repeatedly denounced the law, said it will not return the money because “it’s the law.” This part of the law had originally been denounced by conservatives as allowing “government agents” into one’s home to ransack the place, and feed your kids poisonous fluoride, which the government originally put in water to make people indifferent to fascism.

Organizing for America (Obama’s presidential campaign) Pennsylvania has opened a new office in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia. One commenter at PoliticsPA’s announcement of this opening notes, “Notice that Obama only cares about the Philadelphia area for opening offices. He knows that without Philadelphia’s crooked thugs cheating for him, there is no way that he can win in PA. He’s going to steal this election. Mark my words on that. He will use race, gender, sexual orientation, and class to divide this country, and if that’s not enough, he will outright steal this election. This “man” is disgusting and not worthy of office.” I want to meet this guy.

A Center City parking lot attendant was beaten with a brick and robbed at 13th and Locust last night.

A witness in the Philadelphia priest abuse case called Rev. James Brennan a “sexual predator.” The witness, a 30-year old man said he was a young student with a bright future until the priest molested him. Then, he said, things went downhill. Brennan’s lawyers countered, saying the man has a “history of lying and has been in trouble with the law.” Which we can’t help but think: Yeah. That’s what he said. It seemed to be the point.

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