Attn. Philly Students: Voter ID? There’s an App For That

CostofFreedomProjectLogoA group called the Cost of Freedom has launched a Smart phone campaign to help people in Voter ID states figure out just what they’ll need to practice their Constitutional right to vote. And students who want to vote in Pennsylvania with your student ID? There are certain requirements of that ID, as per the legislation. So read on.

As we’ve documented here, Pennsylvania Voter ID legislation was eagerly signed by Gov. Tom Corbett after party-line votes in the state Legislature. And now comes the tricky part: Making sure you’re able to vote come November. (Volunteers at polling places will ask for ID on April 24, but they are not required.)

The app, available by text message, points you toward information in your state on how to get the correct ID. According to a press release put out by Cost of Freedom, “There is wide spread confusion about acceptable forms of ID. Pennsylvania, the most recent state added to the Election Protection Coalition’s Map of Shame, has the third largest student population in the nation. Yet most student IDs will not be accepted because they do not have expiration dates. The Cost of Freedom App empowers students with information to ensure their voices are heard.”

Pennsylvania, according to the group is one of six states considered “strict photo ID states” and if you’re at all unsure about what to do, you can text “Voter ID” to 215-352-5405. They’ll send you back a text with a link to what you need to do. (Spoiler alert: The link brings you to the Committee of 70’s website.)

The group insists it is “not acquiescing to voter suppression.” Rather, they’re fighting back while these “unjust laws” are fought against by the Department of Justice and the court system. As we wrote yesterday, The Committee of Seventy, also against the bill, is holding training sessions to educate people about the legislation and will be handing out literature and advice about how to obtain an ID at the April 24 polls.

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