DAILY GRINDER: George W. Bush Coming to Philly Burbs for Primary

I come out when no one's looking.

I come out when no one's looking.

The primary is coming April 24. And so is George W. Bush. He’s coming to Bucks County. Seriously. That day. Hide your children because remember that guy?

Larry Mendte does not like when you refer to him as an “email aficionado.” Need proof? Check out this path of destruction he posted to Philadelphia Magazine’s blog yesterday. Dude writes some good stuff, noting how much Councilman Jim Kenney has spent per tweet (since he pays a Center City company almost $29,000 to do it for him), per follower, and took offense to the idea that that amount of money isn’t really that much. And he includes a Twitter war in the blog. Is that even allowed?

Health care death panel conspiracist Dom Giordano recently hosted another Pennsylvania Republican Senate debate you didn’t watch. The biggest news to come out of it seems to be that the candidates are going after each other harder than before. At the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference a couple weeks back, they just all went after Steven Welch, who admitted voting for President Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary—because Welch was a Democrat then! Turns out, Tom Smith was a Democrat then, too. The first rule about registering Democrat is that you do not talk about having ever registered Democrat, especially if you want to run as a Republican during one of the wingnuttiest periods in the last 50 years.

See something, say something: iWatch, a smartphone application which allows you to send anonymous information to the Philadelphia Police Department, is a thing. According to the app’s creator says it “allows users to send tips to the Police Department, access the department’s Facebook page, send pictures, map, locations and access police “hot sheets” complete with YouTube surveillance video of wanted criminals.”

Democratic National Committee head Debbie Wasserman Schultz—who, by the way, probably gets hit harder with sexist attacks on a daily basis than anyone in the country—headed to Love Park yesterday alongside Rep. Allyson Schwartz to attack the GOP’s “war on women.” Schultz said Romney’s positions are “callous and dismissive of what matters to women.”

Public Policy Polling (Democratic-affiliated) has Romney over Santorum in Pennsylvania. While Rasmussen (Republican-affiliated) has Santorum over Romney. What if they’re both right? Then what happens?!

The lawyer representing the Archdiocese suggested yesterday that a Bucks County man who claims to have been molested by Rev. James Brennan was “jealous.” And this happened: In tones alternately angry and exasperated, the Bucks County man, 30, called the lawyer’s reasoning “pathetic” and unprofessional. He accused William Brennan of quibbling over irrelevant details, and insisted he had never wavered on the ones that matter – that Brennan forced him into bed, wrapped his arms around him, and tried to rape him. “None of that has changed, and it never will change – and it will be with me until the day I die because it’s true,” he said. Pointing to the priest, he added: “That man molested me, and he knows it. He knows it. He knows it. He knows it.”

The city is offering $10,000 for information that leads to the arrest of the man who attacked a parking attendant at 13th and Locust with a brick the other night.

The Philly.com Wawa full-page ads are still killing my web browser. Lame.

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