Mayor Nutter Rips Mitt Romney on Conference Call

Oh, sorry. I said, 'Don't fuck with me.'

Oh, sorry. What I said was, 'Don't fuck with me.'

If Mitt Romney somehow manages to become President of the United States, don’t expect him to get all bipartisan with Mayor Michael Nutter on an education initiative or some shit. Because during a Democratic National Committee conference call today in support of closing tax loopholes for the “super wealthy,” Nutter led the offensive against the presidential candidate, at one point calling him “completely out of touch” and deportation-happy.

Joined by DNC Vice Chair/Minneapolis Mayor RT Ryback and Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, the three urban Democrats began the conference call promoting the “Buffet Rule,” and the idea that billionaires shouldn’t be paying a lower tax rate “than their secretaries.” All rallied around President Obama’s plan to close tax loopholes and ensure the upper classes are “paying their fair share.” The Buffet rule would raise taxes on those Americans making more than $1 million per year.

“None other than the ultimate Republican, Ronald Reagan, even believed that millionaires should pay their fair share of taxes,” said Nutter, in reference to Reagan’s tax hikes Republicans conveniently forget. He added Romney “doesn’t believe” in millionaires paying their fair share, noting if elected president, the former Massachusetts governor would cut taxes for the upper 1 percent. He also implied, in noting Romney’s lacking of tax reform releases, that the Republican nominee doesn’t believe in the Buffet Rule because of his own wealth.

“It begs the question,” Nutter continued, “what is Mr. Romney hiding?” He said while the ‘Massachusetts Moderate,’ as he’s been dubbed by Newt Gingrich, is running for the “most powerful position in the world,” he should “tell the American public what those tax returns look like.”

Romney should also tell the American people how much money he made, said Nutter, “while bankrupting companies and doing his deeds over at Bain Capital.”

Each time Nutter spoke, the other mayors on the line made a point to say they echoed what Nutter had just said.

Nutter ended the call answering a question from an Hispanic media outlet, noting, “Mitt Romney has no particular plan for urban America, to support the Latino population” and that he “leaves us with the impression that he’s never seen a Latino that he didn’t want to put out of the country.”

6 Responses to “ Mayor Nutter Rips Mitt Romney on Conference Call ”

  1. aaron says:

    Is there audio of this available somewhere?

  2. Randy LoBasso says:

    Not that I’m aware of. The call was just a couple hours ago.

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  4. Kathleen3 says:

    Comical – two men most entrusted to uphold and enforce the laws, Nutter and Ramsey, happen to be the two most guilty of violating our laws. Pandering to illegal aliens renders both guilty of dereliction of duty and violation of their oaths of office. Descending to race baiting should be beneath any elected/appointed official – even those a low as Nutter and Ramsey.

  5. Hmmm. 1,300+ murders on Mayor Nutter’s clock. Out of control flash mobs. A violent and failed school system. A public housing director with multiple sexual harassment allegations against him. [No, this is not an old Featherman for Mayor ad, lol!] Michael Nutter has no right to lecture Mitt Romney about “urban America” when Nutter can’t even take care of business at home. But I know what this is all about! It’s about a cabinet position in the Obama Administration. That’s why Nutter weighed in on the Trayvon Martin shooting, and that’s why Nutter is going national again. Sorry, Mayor Nutter, but the thought of “Mayor Darrell Clarke” is gross. Unfortunately, I think we’ll keep you for the next 3 1/2 years, and, to ensure that, we’ll elect Romney as president.

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