Philly Robberies Make ‘Jihad Watch’

There’ve been a series of robberies throughout parts of lower North and Northeast Philadelphia since December likely perpetrated by the same thugs. What make these robberies interesting is that the alleged suspects were seen wearing traditional Muslim garments which cover the face and are, of course, legal to walk around in. According to Robert Specncer at the popular anti-Muslim website Jihad Watch, these robberies are “more reason why Western countries should take off the multiculturalist straitjacket and ban the burqa and niqab.”

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What Spencer is talking about isn’t necessarily new and Philadelphians were warned of this exact situation when Christopher Hitchens came to town weeks before publicly disclosing he had cancer. The late Hitchens, Spencer and several other anti-PC advocates across the country have advocated banning all Muslim headdress, for different reasons. Hitchens claimed people generally shouldn’t be allowed to wear masks in public, because, sure, you could more easily rob a bank. Some believe those “wearing full-body garb in this country are making an anti-Western statement by so doing.”

Burqas have been partially banned in several countries, including France, who’ve banned all outward religious memorabilia in certain places throughout the country. Though President Barack Obama has explicitly stated he’d be against such legislation, which many argue is covered, anyway, under the First Amendment. A Philadelphia-based security firm recently paid out $50,000 to a Muslim woman who they fired after she refused to remove her head covering.

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