Philly RCC Endorses Romney for President

romney at hotel

Pictured: NOT the Philadelphia Republican City Committee

Following yesterday’s presidential campaign suspension by Rick Santorum, the Philadelphia Republican City Committee endorsed Mitt Romney for president.

RCC Chairman Vito Canuso says the decision to wait until Santorum had dropped out was intentional. “There are plenty of people [in the Philadelphia Republican Party] who were undecided, and some supported Santorum,” he says. “We would not have gotten involved in that until we had a [frontrunner candidate].”

Although Republicans were split amongst the two candidates, Canuso says the final vote was unanimous for Romney.

“I don’t know what the split was [before the vote], but we were concentrating on the other endorsed candidates,” he says. “We have three special elections that we were concerned about, and when it became obvious that we should endorse—or could endorse—it was a unanimous decision. It wasn’t a major mental process.”

He continues: “I’m surprised you even heard about this.”

In addition to the RCC, Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey endorsed Romney shortly after Santorum dropped out of the race yesterday.

Canuso says the reason for the city endorsement immediately after it became obvious to everyone Romney will be the nominee is because “we’re probably going to have documents printed up,” and he’d like those documents to have a picture of the presidential nominee. He notes this was the first time as RCC Chair a Republican presidential race has gone this far.

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