DAILY GRINDER: Mumia Blasts Philly Schools

child with Mumia signConvicted Philly cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal is not happy with this Philadelphia School System we’ve got and thinks it needs to be changed. In a recent interview from the Frackville correction facility in Northeast Pennsylvania to Russia Today, a Russian government-owned website often dedicated to conspiracy theories in the United States, he said, “The schools that my grandchildren go to are worse than the schools I went to when I was in my minor years and my teenage years.” He also noted: “That’s a condemnation of a system but because former generations only concentrated on one thing or one side of the problem. The problem has really got worse and worse and worse. And while there is a lot of rhetoric about schools, American schools are a tragedy.”

According to Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers, the Department is getting cut about $900,000 and is continuing the brownouts of certain stations. He says the brownouts have allowed him to save money while not completely closing some firehouses. Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. says he wants to find the cash to eliminate the brief closings all together.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, on the other hand, has asked for an increase of $3.6 million. The Police Department says that money will be used for hiring new officers and installing new cameras around the city to take a bite out of crime. “We can view over 866 cameras right now.  We do have a major IT initiative starting out the Philadelphia Critical Infrastructure Protection Plan so we can tie in with the federal cameras as well,” said Deputy Commissioner John Gaittens.

The story of the burned building in Kensington which killed two firefighters keeps getting worse.

Mayor Michael Nutter signed a bill Tuesday that will put the city’s Special Victims Unit, the Department of Human Services’ Sexual Abuse Investigations Unit and the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance all under the same roof: A facility on Hunting Park Avenue in North Philadelphia. The idea is to “will allow officers investigating abuse cases to pool resources with the social workers assigned to their victims and streamline how the cases are handled.”

Mitt Romney will says yeah, sure, Rick Santorum is a possibility for the vice presidential position. Even though, he told CNN, “I don’t have a list, yet. So I can’t say someone is on or off my list.”

A Philadelphia man pleaded guilty yesterday to federal charges of a drug conspiracy in which about 7,000 Oxycodone pills were distributed.

Some guy robbed a 94-year-old woman on the street, and he’s on camera.

Philadelphia Democratic Rep. Allyson Schwartz and upstate Republican Rep. Jim Gerlach have both expressed support recently of the ‘Hire Just One’ Program, which would “assign the weekly unemployment compensation payments being received by each new person they hire” and has the potential to put over 2 million people back to work over the next four months, apparently.

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  1. shawnphilly369 says:

    The attention given to a person who could take the life of another human being, especially a loving, caring Police Officer such as Danny Faulkner, just goes to show those of us who are sentient, (this includes all races and cultures) disappointingly proves, how all too many people are really, really dumb. If you are unable to use the intellect that you were given as a human and look at the truth, instead of following those who are angry at the world,(this is a mental disorder)then don’t get involved. It is inevitable that we will all pass on. What truths will you have lived.

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