DAILY GRINDER: Philly Pols Jump in Attorney General Campaign for TV Ad

I endorse candidates for higher office now, too!

I endorse candidates for higher office now, too!

A new Patrick Murphy for Attorney General Campaign ad touts endorsements from some Philly Phaithful, like Mayor Michael Nutter, District Attorney Seth Williams and former Gov. Ed Rendell. Those are some big endorsements, especially when compared to his opponent, Kathleen Kane, who’s only got the support of…Bill Clinton…Whoops! Sorry, Kane’s still got you beat, Murphy. Is there a better endorsement in the U.S. than Bill Clinton?

Philadelphia Magazine has published a list of the highest paid Philadelphia employees, and Charles Ramsey is number one, at $255,000. Collectively, the 100 highest paid employees make $14,790,649. City Councilmen Darrell Clarke and Curtis Jones, Jr. are the highest paid members of City Council coming in at $150,904 and $128,821, respectively.

The Philadelphia Archdiocese is ready to merge 12 parishes into five as part of a restructuring they promise “will ultimately strengthen parish communities, positioning them for future growth and sustainability.”

Mayor Nutter spoke yesterday following a burial mass at St. Cecilia Church in Fox Chase, saying of firefighter Daniel Sweeney, who was killed in a blaze in Kensington last week alongside Lt. Robert Neary, “We are a city in pain as we have lost our friend, a firefighter.”

A man was allegedly seen, on tape, at a benefit for Sweeney’s and Neary’s families, stealing donated stuff. Sounds like a class act.

Police have caught the man they say robbed and assaulted a 94-year-old woman last weekend. His name is Antonio Santiago, and he’s been charged with robbery, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, theft and receiving stolen property. Philly-dot-commenters have responded to the story accordingly: Fantasizing about him getting raped in jail.

Two people were killed in a North Philly fire early Sunday morning.

Tom Smith, running for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, outraised Steve Welch 2-to-1 last quarter. Which, if you’re keeping score at home, makes Welch the state endorsed candidate; Smith with the most money; and Rohrer the top in the polls. And yet, Sen. Bob Casey has outraised all of them.

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