Man Busted for Mugging 94-Year-Old Woman; Police Release Mugshot

Antonio_SantiagoThe Philadelphia Police Department have released a photo of Antonio Santiago, the 29-year-old man they say is responsible for assaulting and robbing a 94-year-old woman in Northeast Philadelphia on April 8. That’s him, right there.

According to the Philadelphia Police Department, “Santiago approached the victim from behind and grabs the victim’s pocketbook, pulling her to the ground and fled in an unknown direction. The victim suffered a broken arm and multiple cuts and bruises resulting from this robbery.” He’s being charged with aggravated assault, robbery and related offenses.

At the time, Lt. Ray Evers of the PPD noted, “This is a 94-year-old woman. She’s barely 4-feet 8-inches and he’s 6 feet tall. He comes up from behind her, grabs her purse, breaks her arm and she has some internal bleeding. It’s tragic.”

Santiago is being held in $200,000 bail and has a preliminary hearing scheduled for May 1.

As we noted this morning, the Philly-dot-commentariat have already fantasized about Santiago getting raped in jail. Many have suggested deporting him and cutting off his limbs, as well.

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