DAILY GRINDER: Nutter Helps Launch ‘Latinos For Obama’

Did I mention Mitt Romney once curb stomped a toddler? Yeah, that happened. Probably.

Did I mention Mitt Romney once curb stomped a toddler? Yeah, that happened. Probably.

Mayor Michael Nutter and Democratic National Committee Vice Chair R.T. Ryback were in North Philly yesterday to launch what they’re calling the grassroots organizing effort of ‘Latinos for Obama.’ It’s meant to “promote the President’s accomplishments on behalf of the Latino community, serve as a resource for Latinos who want to get involved with the campaign and work to increase the number of Latino volunteers working to ensure that the President wins in November.” Nutter has had the president’s back lately—big time. He recently noted in a conference call that Mitt Romney has “never seen a Latino that he didn’t want to put out of the country.” Never! A recent national poll shows Obama leading Romney by more than 40 points with Latino voters.

Whoa! Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Tom Smith has a new internal poll out and leading the pack amongst the five candidates is…Tom Smith! With 35 percent of the vote! That’s 19 points over the next candidate, Sam Rohrer. Which is weird, considering not long ago 81 percent of the electorate were undecided. The poll also notes Tom Smith isn’t too hard on the eyes.

Speaking of Sam Rohrer, who is totally in second place, he’s being endorsed by Robert Allen Mansfield this morning. Mansfield is the Republican running for the Second District Congressional Seat against Democrat Chaka Fattah.

And the Philadelphia priest abuse trial…[I just threw up a little]: “He said he was building a flagstone wall when a car pulled up driven by then-Rev. Michael J. Bransfield and containing several teenage boys. Bransfield is now bishop of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston. ‘They’re his fair-haired boys,’ the witness said Gana told him after the brief visit ended. ‘The one in the front seat he is having sex with.’”

John Baer of the Philadelphia Daily News has an interesting story up about Numa St. Louis, who is taking on Rep. Mark Cohen in the 202nd District (North/Northeast Philadelphia). While it’s nearly impossible to oust an incumbent from Philly, Cohen has been actively campaigning against the 31-year-old community activist for the first time in a long time — and swears he enjoys it. He also enjoys spending a shit ton of time commenting on blogs that picked up the story about his re-election van stopped in a Press Only zone, setting the record straight, and will be waiting until after the primary to introduce a counter-balance bill to the “Year of the Bible” legislation for which he voted.

Attorney General candidate Patrick Murphy has taken in “nearly $115,000 to his campaign coffers” from organized labor. Murphy and his opponent, Kathleen Kane, have raised a combined $5 million.

Dr. G. Terry Madonna told conservative site Human Events Pennsylvania could be very close this election year, and because of Philadelphia. “The concern in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs is about the deficit and national debt,” he said, noting those “historically moderate” voters could go to Romney. That’s despite The Washington Posts‘ Chris Cillizza not even putting Pennsylvania in the Swing State category.

Dick Clark is dead.

Planned Parenthood has put U.S. Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick
of Bucks County (and formerly Northeast Philly, before his district was gerrymandered to make it easier for a Republican to maintain) part of its “Toxic Ten”—members of Congress who’ve supported cutting family planning grants. Fitzpatrick specifically supported slashing Planned Parenthood funding by $363 million. His spokesperson said acknowledging his desire to cut off funds for women’s health is a “hackneyed trick in the book to misdirect voters from their failed policies which have stalled our recovery.”

Philly Ivy League School University of Pennsylvania is offering some of its courses online, for free! Starting in June, those free courses will include calculus, Greek and Roman mythology and others. Which we know you’ll get to, right after that LOL Cat finishes loading. Oh, and look, 23 supermodels without makeup! Screw it, Penn can wait.

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  2. Kathleen3 says:

    …and Nutter and Ramsey have never seen an (illegal) Latino they did not welcome into their sanctuary city, ignoring the fact both men are violating their oath of office and federal law.

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