DAILY GRINDER: NAACP Report Card Gives Pat Toomey an ‘F’

...And he plagiarized from Wikipedia! The worst sin of them all!

...And he plagiarized from Wikipedia!

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is out with its report card for the First Legislative Session of the 112th Congress (2011) civil rights voting, and no member of Congress is safe. The score was based on 20 congressional votes, which ranged from “education to labor, economic development to health care, and collective bargaining to criminal justice and voting rights initiatives.” Pat Toomey received a 0 percent. Bob Casey got a 100 percent, as did Reps. Bob Brady and Chaka Fattah. Rep. Allyson Schwartz received an 85. We’ll assume Toomey’s proud of his score.

Bob Casey introduced a bill that’d continue 1-3 day postal delivery for four years to deal with the massive cash situation going on with the USPS. His move, it’s believed, would save 300 jobs in Scranton and 2,500 in Pennsylvania, for the time being. Related: Remember print mail? Pretty retro.

Hey, look! Another internal poll which shows the candidate who commissioned the poll leading the race s/he’s in! This time it’s Kathleen Kane’s internal poll, which shows her up 42 percent to 33 percent. Like the internal Republican Tom Smith for Senate poll, which showed him leading that race earlier this week, Kane’s also notes she’s not too bad on the eyes. Which, ironically enough, is the only part we can actually confirm.

Councilman Jim Kenney wants a hearing—and City Council voted for it—to check into why Verizon is taking so long to bring its Fios fiber-optic network, or something, to low-income neighborhoods. Verizon says there’s no need to look into its alleged shortcomings. “We’ve had reviews (by the city administration) and our results have never been challenged. The sponsor claims to have information suggesting that Verizon is out of compliance with the contract. Let me be clear again: we are in compliance,” Verizon vice president Doug Smith told City Council.

Freshman Councilman Bobby Henon said he’d subpoena alleged negligent landlords to get them into City Hall and explain why their properties look so terrible.

State Sen. Mike Folmer—the guy who has been introducing legislation in Harrisburg for more than five years, which would give third parties an easier time to get on the ballot—will be in Philadelphia on Sunday to endorse Ron Paul at the Independence Mall rally.

New Voter ID rules have been unveiled, which essentially means Republicans voted for the bill in March without really knowing what was in it. There goes their Obamacare argument! (Or not; there’s clearly no shame shoving ALEC-approved legislation down our throats.) The new rules, per the AP, state “Voters whose Pennsylvania driver’s licenses or state-issued ID cards expired more than a year ago can now use them to qualify for free photo-ID cards if they lack other forms of identification.”

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