Ed Rendell Sends Out Last Minute Request for AG Candidate Pat Murphy

election-ag-lgKathleen Kane’s internal polls may say she’s ahead in the race for Attorney General, but her opponent, former Pennsylvania Congressman Patrick Murphy, is pulling out all the stops the day before the election.

Already endorsed by a number of Philly politicians, like Mayor Nutter and District Attorney Seth Williams, Murphy’s latest email is a request from former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell for—you guessed it—more money. “I just spoke to Patrick and he shared their internal polling: It’s too close. Neck and neck,” reads the Rendell-signed email.The primary is tomorrow. If we want Patrick to be Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, we have to drop what we’re doing and help. Right now. Every cent – every last one – will immediately be used to fund our grassroots effort to get supporters to the polls.”

The email goes on to say Murphy doesn’t have support from special interests or a Super PAC—but “he has you.”

The Democratic Attorney General primary has been a tough one. Both candidates essentially believe the same things and it’s been said that neither will be able to “out law and order” their Republican opponent in November. However, Kane’s played up her role as a Pennsylvania prosecutor (and Murphy’s lack of any trials in Pennsylvania), while Murphy has essentially promised to be tough on the Corbett administration, especially if he continues pushing legislation many Democrats feel are an overstep of boundaries (Voter ID, welfare drug testing, ultrasound, etc.) Kane is attempting to run as an anti-politician while Murphy’s ads suggest he’d essentially treat the office as a political one — something some Democrats believe is necessary due to the governorship and legislature being in full Republican control.

A Pittsburgh Tribune Review op/ed recently called Murphy’s election Corbett’s “worst nightmare,” due to the checks and balances he has promised to slap the governor with.

History is against both candidates, however. Because as PW pointed out this week, “since Pennsylvania began electing its attorneys general in 1980, exactly zero Democrats have held the post.”

The elections, if that’s not clear, are tomorrow.

2 Responses to “ Ed Rendell Sends Out Last Minute Request for AG Candidate Pat Murphy ”

  1. Maureen purdy says:

    You have my vote Patrick! Also, everyone in my family supports you…:)

  2. clarence swinney says:

    Bush tax cuts extend cost 440B per year per cbo
    Top 2%–Cut them out–take 30% of income and own 50% of wealth
    It will not hurt them like middle class hurts from lack of benefits

    It is so disgusting that richest nation with inoome of $14,000 Billion will borrow 1300B because they only took 2400B in taxes.
    Rank is #2 in leassst taxed in oecd nations

    is we dumb getting dummer?

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