Ron Paul Rally Attendees Say it’s ‘Paul Or Nothing’

revolutionronpaulIt was a rainy, cold Sunday—but that didn’t stop an estimated 4,000-plus Ron Paul supporters from coming out to see the Republican presidential candidate speak at Independence Mall. Fans came from near and far to hear the candidate, whom many called the only qualified for public office, speak in the pouring rain and to later be the subject of some “not fair weather friends” jokes on CNN.

Take Vera and Oliver, who didn’t give a last name. The middle-aged couple came from Potter County, Pennsylvania (North-Central Pennsylvania, near the New York border and little else) to see the man speak. “He was totally awesome, truthful and honest, as always,” said Vera.

Dressed in full waterproof camouflage, the couple claimed they’ve been supporting Paul since he began running for president in 2007, but this was their first rally. Both recognize the reality of his losing candidacy—which Paul vowed to take to the convention.

“I sure hope [he takes this to the convention], I’m hoping for it, man,” says Oliver, who sported a long, gray beard and sunglasses.

And if Romney takes the nomination, which he’s all but certain to do? Both said they won’t support the Republican. “It’s Ron Paul or nothing,” says Vera. “I’ll write in Ron Paul.”

The Old City rally began at 1 p.m. and included speakers like Pennsylvania State Sen. Mike Folmer and New Jersey State Sen. Mike Doherty. Both were on hand to introduce the presidential candidate and explain his influence on their legislative priorities. Folmer, for instance, has made one of his legislative priorities in the Pennsylvania Legislature a bill that’d allow third party candidates an easier time getting on the ballot, which we recently detailed in a PW cover story. Doughty flexed his anti-Transportation Security Administration muscles while on stage, to a series of cheers. But the Jersey boy was cut off early.

A black SUV came down Market Street around 2:30 and parked at the mall. The crowd erupted with “President Paul” chants.

Once on stage, the presidential candidate got right into it, covering all the bases, beginning with the stance that earned him his national popularity in the first place, four years ago—anti-colonialism/interventionism.

“No one’s coming to invade us,” he said, “so why do we have people out looking for dragons to slay, and looking for enemies and stirring up trouble around the world when our real threat [is] the domestic enemies out here today that are chaining down our liberties.” He called the notion that you can’t support the troops without supporting the war “ridiculous.”

Paul then moved his theory of non-interventionism to every front of American life. He claimed the Federal Reserve intervening in domestic monetary policy, the government intervening in health and the military intervening overseas are all symptoms of the same problem, from both parties. And just now is that starting to catch on.

“This is the first time the Federal Reserve and monetary policy has been an issue in a presidential campaign,” he said. “We have an obligation not only to audit the Federal Reserve next year, but to repeal the Federal Reserve Act and get rid of it…[When] someone says, ‘Well what are you going to replace it with?’ Well, let’s replace it with the Constitution.”

rpcrowdThe Constitution, he said, calls for silver and gold legal tender. And that’s what the U.S. should again use. Paul recently penned a book titled “End the Fed.”

Similarly, he said, the Constitution does not allow for an entitlement system or welfare state as it stands today — and arguments calling for sympathy for the poor are moot.

“Guess what? The housing program was sympathetic…we’re going to give everyone a house,” he said, “but who made all the money when the housing bubble blew up and who lost their jobs and who lost their homes? This is the reason we have to point out that this whole entitlement system doesn’t work; the foreign policy doesn’t work; the monetary policy doesn’t work; and this is the reason our revolution with these changes will be successful!”

He moved onto calling for the legalization of drugs, too, calling the War on Drugs an “absolute failure.”

“We need to recognize that drug addiction is a disease, it’s not a crime,” he said. “We ought to treat it more like alcohol—if you do harm to people, yes, that is a crime. But if it’s your own business, your own body, it’s up to you. I would give you some strong advice,”– at this point, the crowd interrupted him for strong cheers –”to be very cautious with it, but I also know as a physician that addictions are much worse on prescription drugs than they are on illegal drugs.”

After speaking, Paul got off stage as supporters lined up and down Market Street waiting for a potential chance to shake his hand. Or at least get a look at the man. Dominic and Lauren, from New Jersey, were two of those waiting in the rain after the fact. This was their first Ron Paul rally, though they’d both watched several others on the Internet.

rpstreet“I’m here to take pictures and put them all over my Facebook to show everybody that says he doesn’t have a chance, to show that he does,” said Lauren.

Lauren and Dominic agreed something went on the night of the Iowa caucus that perhaps cost Paul the first primary state. As we noted last week, conspiracy-theory news site InfoWars called Paul’s loss in Iowa the “Biggest fraud since Kennedy stole West Virginia.” Lots of Paul supporters believe their candidate was the true winner in that state, and some at the rally noted the delegate counts with cynical “so they say” and “supposed” prefixes. Ron Paul recently picked up 20 of Minnesota’s 24 delegates, which many believed would be assigned to Rick Santorum before he dropped out of the race.

Like Vera and Oliver, Dominic and Lauren don’t believe the media’s portrayal of the race. They’re in it to win it.

But let’s say that doesn’t happen. Let’s say Ron Paul loses. Will the couple vote for Romney? They say no. If Ron Paul actually endorses Romney? “I don’t think that’ll happen,” said Lauren.

“It’s Ron Paul or nothing,” said Dominic, sporting a NORML T-shirt under his rain coat. “I’ll write him in.”

12 Responses to “ Ron Paul Rally Attendees Say it’s ‘Paul Or Nothing’ ”

  1. Pam says:

    I will be voting in the NY primary tommorrow for Ron Paul. I was a lifelong Democrat until this past year. I have been a Dr. Paul supporter since he ran in 2008. He is my ONLY choice for president, he is the only one who will slash the budget by one trillion dollars the first year, he will bring our troops home to defend our borders and put a stop to spending and rebuilding other countries when we need to rebuild our economy here.

    He has the most support from our military, as all recent wars are undeclared and unconstitutional.

    He is for life and liberty and our freedoms.

    ONLY Ron Paul.

  2. Al Dorman says:

    I hear you Pam, I’m a “red Dem” myself and will be voting for Paul. Write-in or not, so he might as well run 3rd Party. Obomney is useless.

  3. elizabeth says:

    It’s Paul or Nothing! That’s exactly where the vast majority of the Ron Paul supporters stand! Yet, the RNC, the Republican National Committee made it clear that the delegates will support whomever the nominee is. In other words, if Romney is elected as delegate the RP supporters will simply roll over and support Romney! NOT SO!!! That WILL NOT HAPPEN!!! THEREFORE….if Romney is elected, the Republican Party will lose a huge vast sea of voters and who will automatically win….Obama! That’s right! So, let’s take this ONE STEP FURTHER, therefore, if the RNC knows this (and I think they really do!) than who do they really support???? OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jacob Crim says:

    Principle over party, we Ron Paul supporters do not believe in “lesser of two evils” we want NO evil. As always: Ron Paul 2012!

  5. Root_for_Clute! says:

    RNC and other RINO’s let themselves be fooled by polls featuring only Romney and Obama. When Gary Johnson is included he gets 6%. There is no saying what Ron Paul will get, if he goes 3rd party and does a serious effort to challenge the status quo after a non-brokered convention.

    There is only one winner if there is non-brokered convention. Barack Obama.

  6. BrooklynChick says:

    I am also a Ron Paul Republican from NY. I was also a Democrat up until 2007, when Ron Paul came into my life and changed EVERYTHING!!


    We are going to change the course of human history!!

  7. BrooklynChick says:

    Is it true that bound Romney delegates can abstain from voting on the 1st ballot?

  8. DieselChadron says:

    Apparently, Ron Paul supporters are all the same. I’ll never vote for anyone else either. We look at the rest of the nation and wonder how they could be so blind. We have a debt right now that will never be paid back. Gov’t spending habits are totally unsustainable. ‘Too big to fail banks’ make interest on the whole thing and so tell us that more spending will solve our problems.. all insanity. Ron Paul and nobody else.

  9. aaron says:

    Yeah! I hate municipal services like trash pickup and road maintenance!
    If I want to replace my sidewalk and the street in front of my house with a blueberry bush, that should be my choice, not some fat cat government bureaucrat’s.
    And, if I want to carry 25 guns in my 15-foot wide stretch Humvee, that should be my choice too!
    And free parking!

    I also hate federal subsidies of education for the poor!
    They’re too stupid to make money? Then they don’t deserve to be un-stupid with education!
    I can’t wait until Philadelphia Public Schools are completely closed and everyone has to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for childhood education. What a relief! I don’t want my kids learning next to some Mexicans or other poor people.
    Learn English on your own time, illegals!

    Ron Paul For Evar!

  10. Anthony says:

    @ AARON—Yes the FEDERAL government has no business picking up our trash. They don’t pick up your trash now you dope. That is your municipal govt. Education and trash and police should be exclusively handled by the city and /or state. The constitution gives no authority to the federal government to control such things. What everyone needs to realize, is that whether you are for or against and issue, you need to vote Ron Paul. This is because if you want abortion illegal, or if you want it to remain legal, it is much easier to mobilize and fight it out in your state. It makes the individual more responsibile (perish the though). Pennsylvania knows whats best for Pennsylvania. One size fits all governing does not work.

  11. Stuart says:

    Wow! I have supported Ron Paul since a year or more before the 2008 elections. My state California is broke. Tax payers are leaving, illegal aliens are flooding in. Welfare is available for illegal aliens, lazy people and about everyone else. Where do politicians think this money is going to come from?

    People who support Romney should just have Geo. Bush resume office where he left off.

  12. Donna says:


    From CT—I too a life long democrat—turned RON PAUL Patriot for Liberty!!

    I get so disgusted—-how can so many people be so brain dead to not see how obviously different Ron Paul is (in a good way different!) ! He is like the only flower in a sea of weeds!!! He is like a refreshing breath of honesty & integrity amoungst a sea of men that sell their soul to the devil himself just to get elected—men that flip flop all over and say whatever you want to hear. and here you have a man of conviction and principle who has been actually WALKING HIS TALK for 30+ yrs!!! who has been saying the same things for 30 years—and we have seen over and over time and time again that what this man has been saying—has all come true!—You would think people would wake up and not believe what the media tells them!! It is so blatently obvious that Ron Paul has more intelligence as far as monitary policy as well as foreign policy—the others really don’t have a clue about why this country is bankrupt–let alone how to fix it! Listen to Ron Paul talk—he truly is the ONLY one that actually KNOWS what he is talking about on how to make things BETTER!!! He’s the only one talking about the FED—exposing the crooks for who they are—-the other ones don’t talk about it & just want to maintain the status quo of working with all the crooks! GOD BLESS RON PAUL ! He’s one in a million!

    We the American people better WAKE UP & START BELIEVING IN RON PAUL–RATHER THEN always believing in the WRONG people!!–for we will never be this lucky again—to have this wonderful a man to be our President– He is the ONLY one telling the American people the truth and he is right about EVERYTHING!!! WHY CAN’T ALL PEOPLE SEE THAT RON PAUL IS RIGHT ABOUT ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!! How can people be so stupid to keep believeing in those same idiots that keep getting us into more and more trouble! The war in Iraq–then Afganistan—now its going to be Iran—they already have it planned for right after the election!!! Obama or Romney–it really does not matter for they are both one and the same both of them are working for the global elite agenda (look it up)! they are both beholden to all the crooks at the top (The FED!etc)…RON PAUL IS THE ONLY NON CORRUPTED POLITICIAN I think that I have EVER SEEN!! ——the only one he is working for IS ALL OF US THE COMMON MEN AND WOMEN OF THIS COUNTRY!! & HE’S FIGHTING TO SAVE OUR FREEDOMS!& FOR ALL OUR MILITARY—THAT’S WHY THEY ALL SUPPORT RON PAUL—because they all know the truth about what’s really going on in this country —and they KNOW that RON PAUL IS THIS COUNTRYS ONLY HOPE!! So, I am certainly with all of you here—-

    RON PAUL 2012 OR I’M WRITING HIM IN TOO!! Hope he runs 3rd party!


    P.S.- Jacob–you are so right—-WE WANT NO EVIL = ONLY RON PAUL!!!

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