2012 Philly Primary Election Results

Al_Gore_Winner_2000_Election_CNNSo, after months of watching all these races until my eyes were ready to bleed my own blood, today was the Pennsylvania primary. And tonight were the results. We covered the Sims/Josephs debacle earlier in the day and told you what locals thought of the Voter ID Act (i.e. locals not broadcasting from WPHT). Then came the results. I got home late from work, so wasn’t able to be all, “WITH 3 PERCENT IN, IT’S DEWEY BY A LANDSLIDE!!!!” on here or Twitter. Lame. Anywho, here are all the results with some bonus facts where applicable. All results for all races (these are the contested ones) are available at Philly.com (courtesy of the Associated Press) and PhillyElectionResults.com (courtesy of Philadelphia’s election results.) And so on. Here you go:

Republican President:

Mitt Romney

(Bonus: Rick Santorum, who has suspended his campaign, came in second, ahead of Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich.)

(Bonus #2: Haha, Newt Gingrich. I mean, seriously: Newt. Gingrich.)

Republican Senate:

Tom Smith

(Bonus: The state Republican Party and Gov. Tom Corbett endorsed Steve Welch.)

Democrat Senate:

Bob Casey

(Bonus: Joseph John Vodvarka, that guy you’ve never, ever heard of, got 20 percent of the vote.)

Democrat Attorney General:

Kathleen Kane

Republican Auditor General:

John Maher

169th District State Rep Republican:

David Kralle

(Bonus: Kralle lost the Special Election against Ed Neilson, who he will face again in November.)

(Bonus #2: Philly.com put a picture of John Featherman in as John McCann. Featherman was unopposed in his 1st District Congressional primary.)

172nd District State Rep Democrat:

Kevin Boyle

180th District State Rep Democrat:

Angel Cruz

182nd District State Rep Democrat:

Brian Sims

(Bonus: With this win, Pennsylvania will soon sit its first openly gay state legislator.)

186th District State Rep Democrat:

Jordan Harris

186th Special Election:

James Harold (D)

188th District State Rep Democrat:

James Roebuck

190th District State Rep Democrat:

Vanessa Brown

192nd District State Rep Democrat:

Louise Bishop

194th District State Rep Democrat:

Pamela Delissio

195th District State Rep Democrat:

Michelle Brownlee

197th District State Rep Democrat:

J Miranda

197th Special Election:

Gary Williams (D)

(Bonus: Milton Street came in second.)

198th District State Rep Democrat:

Rosita Youngblood

200th District State Rep Democrat:

Cherelle Parker

201st District State Rep Democrat:

Stephen Kinsey

202nd District State Rep Democrat:

Mark Cohen

203rd District State Rep Democrat:

Dwight Evans

5 Responses to “ 2012 Philly Primary Election Results ”

  1. Yvonne Andrews says:

    Congratulations to Stephen Kinsey!

    He has worked in the community for years;he cares about the community; he is the best person for the job!

  2. Myke Chase says:


    Stephen Kinsey is a welcome change to the 201st district. So glad he won the primary!

  3. Karen L. says:

    Cherelle Parker is an enabler who has encouraged dependency on government offices. The Mt. Airy area was once a highly valued, sought after place to live. Now, Section 8 had caused a decline in the quality of life there. These residents come into her district office and demand help for things they should be able to manage themselves, and Parker continues to allow it! Instead of helping the neighborhood get back on its get, she is runningit into the ground. I continuously see her staff at events all over, but Parker herself is usually nowhere to be found. A disgrace.

  4. Pedro Rodriguez says:

    Karen L: get a life. Please.

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