Committee of Seventy: Voter Claims Babette Josephs Is Campaigning Inside Polling Place


As Philadelphia Weekly has been telling you about since forever, there is a tough race going on between State Rep. Babette Josephs and challenger Brian Sims in the 182nd District. Earlier Today, the Committee of Seventy sent out their Election Day report with complaints they’ve been receiving. One of which was about Josephs possibly violating campaign rules.

“A voter just called to complain that Babette Josephs, who is fighting to keep her House seat, was inside the 8th ward/3rd division and said to him: “I know I’m not supposed to be doing this, but please vote for me, Babette Josephs,” the Seventy report said. Unless they have a valid poll watcher’s certificate, candidates are not permitted to enter a polling place except to cast their own vote,” the good government watchdog wrote. The tipster claimed she said this to other voters as well.

Josephs’ campaign denies the allegation in full. “There is no truth to that allegation. Babette does have a poll watcher’s certificate and she is shaking hands outside of polling places today,” said campaign spokesman Dave Scholnick. “It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Babette was inside this particular polling place since it’s where she votes.”

He then alleged that the filer of the complaint may have very well been a Sims supporter, though there is no evidence to back that up.

The Sims campaign responded almost immediately.

“State Rep. Babette Josephs, who is desperately fighting to hold on against a challenge from Brian Sims, has reported been campaigning inside of a polling place,” they wrote, noting the Seventy release.

The email blast continued: “It seems that when someone puts Babette in the corner, she doesn’t react well,” Sims campaign manager Matt Goldfine said. “To willing neglect the rules and knowingly admit to doing so shows how desperate Rep. Josephs has gotten. When the Minority Chair of the State Government Committee, which oversees laws relating to campaigns and elections, is campaigning inside the polls, it’s a sad day.”

5 Responses to “ Committee of Seventy: Voter Claims Babette Josephs Is Campaigning Inside Polling Place ”

  1. Jordan Gwendolyn Davis says:

    I saw Brian electioneering in W5, D6 around noon today. He then went up to me and told me to apologize for rightfully criticizing his campaign.

  2. phillygal says:

    this is such bull. babette wouldn’t jeopardize her campaign this way.

  3. SoPhi says:

    Sims campaign manager had his statement posted on his facebook wall about 45 minutes before this was published, if this doesn’t cry “scripted drama out of desperation” I’m not sure what does.

  4. Bob Crewson says:

    After reading post after post of Jordan’s bile and vomit, does anyone else believe she has an Axis II diagnosis?

  5. Thanks to all our supporters, especially Jordan, for defending Babette against all the nonsense over the past couple months and for working every day to get her re-elected. Let’s finish out strong — and positive — tonight. Just two more hours left!

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