Update: Rep. Babette Josephs Concedes Race

election-182nd-lgWhile most believed the race for Pennsylvania’s 182nd District had ended Tuesday night, the Babette Josephs campaign was still counting votes, believing there was a chance Sims’ 226-vote lead could have been overturned after all votes, including absentee ballots, were counted — and, you know, they’d analyzed all the hanging chads. But it wasn’t to be. Josephs officially conceded less than an hour ago. She released the below statement; a gracious end to an otherwise gruesome race.

“My congratulations go out to the Democratic Nominee Brian Sims and all of his supporters. Throughout many difficult, but successful races in my long service, I have consistently said that the voters are always right. I cannot change my tune now. I am truly grateful to the voters for allowing me to serve them for so long and for the opportunity to work with so many dedicated, talented, patient and professional colleagues, staff members and volunteers.

“I have always been about policy first, so I look forward to working with Brian Sims to represent the very special constituents of the 182nd. I will find other ways to contribute to my neighborhood, city, state, and nation.”

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3 Responses to “ Update: Rep. Babette Josephs Concedes Race ”

  1. Oh great, so now we will not have Babette’s seniority which could have given the LGBT rights bill another fighting chance. Congratulations, supporters of asshole Sims, you really did it this time!

  2. CenterCityGal says:

    Jordan, you are digusting! You have bottled up all the sad and awful things that have happened to you and instead of them making you more seasoned or smarter, they’ve made you professionally mean. Using all the bullying that’s happened to you to become a professional bully is gross. You are sad and it shows and unfortunately you’ve used what’s happened to you to become an angry, bitter, liar! Go away you bully.

  3. JefferyM says:

    Wow! Simply wow to the comment above from Ms. Davis. I have never seen someone so spiteful and mean. You’ve been commenting all over the web about this race and it’s clear that you are a mean, hateful person. The words and language that you use aren’t just sophomoric and cheap, most of them are clearly lies.

    Lying, attacking and bullying are no way to go through life.

    I’m not sure what kind of life you’ve had but whatever it’s been like, it’s made you a mean person. I won’t use the same kind of language to describe you that you use to describe others, but suffice to say, those that are respectful are respected. Those that are commpassionate, are given compassion. Those that are friendly, are given friendship. AND those that are hateful are hated. Those that attack, are attacked. Those that lie or lied about and those that are bullies, deserve to be called out. You, Ms. Davis are one heck of a bully.

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