Philadelphia Green Party Endorses Roseanne Barr For President

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter

About 25-30 members of the Green Party of Philadelphia met at Buzz Café in Kensington last Thursday to discuss their party’s endorsement for president of the United States. The options? Dr. Jill Stein, a general practitioner; Dr. Kent Mesplay, a air quality inspector and emergency shelter manager; and Roseanne Barr, the comedienne and former star of the TV sitcom, “Roseanne.” After presentations were conducted on behalf of all three candidates, Barr took 55 percent of the secret ballot, compared with 40 percent for Stein and 5 percent for Mesplay.

Pennsylvania Green Party Team Coordinator Hillary Kane presented on behalf of Barr, and says there were a number of factors which led to the endorsement.

“Obviously, she’s well known,” says Kane. “When a lot of people don’t know what the Green Party is and don’t know [what we stand for], it’s a lot easier to nominate someone people do know who’s been on television; so celebrity is one piece.”

Additionally, supporters say Barr has lived a Green Party lifestyle over the past decade. “She’s honestly very green,” continues Kane, noting that when Barr Skyped into their state convention in March, “she talked about a lot of issues we care about. She’s very passionate. She was talking about the foreclosure crisis…Wall Street and what their policies have done to this country.”

Barr announced her campaign for president in August 2011 on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, noting Leno helped launch Arnold Schwarzenegger’s gubernatorial campaign with an announcement there. She claimed she was running for president on the Green Party ticket because the Democrats and Republicans “both suck and they’re both a bunch of criminals.”

This sentiment was echoed last month when candidate Jill Stein met with Green Party supporters in Roxborough. She noted, “if you don’t vote your values, you’re giving a mandate for more of the same, for the corporate sponsored candidates who will continue to send you over the cliff, which is what they are doing.”

Admittedly, Kane says she’s a Stein supporter, but notes she agreed to give the presentation on behalf of Barr because the person who was supposed to do so was driving to Philadelphia from Chicago, and missed the meeting.

“I think a lot of the longtime active Greens went for Jill,” Kane says. “A lot of the newer folks went for Roseanne. The discussion was that you can’t pass up this celebrity moment out there, even if Jill is a smarter, better candidate. Roseanne could help us break out into the mainstream.”

Barr recently incited controversy when she tweeted the address of George Zimmerman’s parents at the height of the Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin killing controversy. She later apologized.

7 Responses to “ Philadelphia Green Party Endorses Roseanne Barr For President ”

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  3. Tim McKee says:

    MS Barr announced on Leno for the GREEN TEA PARTY.. not the Green Party and it is easier to nominate some one FAMOUS..

    “The discussion was that you can’t pass up this celebrity moment out there, even if Jill is a smarter, better candidate”…

    yes why nominate someone who is doing the street work state by state to get the Green on the ballot!

  4. Sarah Younus says:

    Tim, you need to stop and admit that you are volunteering for the opposition campaign. Obviously, Roseanne is appealing to the real working class people, that make up the 99%. This is what the party needs in order to grow. We can’t have a party full of 60+ hippies, because in about 20 years you all will be dead and us young folks will have to clean up your mess.

    Also, Roseanne is the racial justice candidate, and does well in Green Party organizations that is multicultural. She walks the talk about Green energy, living off of the grid, with solar and wind energy on her farm, and is a great supporter of LGBT rights as Grand Marshall of the 2011 Utah Pride parade. She is not “politically silent” about her support for Palestinians, and is comfortable being in a room of young activists and Latinos – unlike who you are supporting who looks like a scared white woman.

    Roseanne Barr is the smarter and better candidate because she appeals to more than 30 people in the State Convention. She also is doing ballot access in Missouri, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and many others, while growing the party by bringing more people in, especially people of color. So stop your hating and welcome the change. If we want major party status, VOTE BARR 2012.

  5. Eric Fried says:

    Sarah, sounds like you got some hating going on yourself. You deride those of us who prefer Jill Stein to Roseanne Barr as not “the real working class,” “60+ hippies,” supporting a “politically silent” “scared white woman.” I do happen to be white (as is Roseanne, and Jill, for that matter) who has always worked for a living, and though I admire the hippie movement for the cultural change it helped bring to America, I was too young to be a hippie. Now, please explain how all this labelling will get us anywhere.

    Here in Colorado, at our state convention, we listened to Skype presentations of the three candidates, and the vote was 70% for Jill. Some of that was folks being turned off by celebrity, some was gratitude for the long-time hard work Dr. Stein has put in for the party and for universal health care, but mostly Jill was just better informed and more articulate on the issues. Especially in the Q and A part, Roseanne did herself no favors. I wish she and Jill would run on a ticket together, but Roseanne pooh-poohed the idea.

  6. kliff says:

    she’s getting my vote. i’m done with the Democrats

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