DAILY GRINDER: Obama Camp Slams Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett

Close your eyes...good...good...

Just close your eyes...good...good...

After Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett creepily doubled down on potential forced ultrasound legislation in a recent interview with the Seattle Times (“You can’t make someone watch it,” he said, “you can put the monitor in front of them, but you can’t make someone watch it”) and knowing how he endorsed Mitt Romney for president, the Obama camp essentially had all they needed: “Mitt Romney and his allies like Governor Tom Corbett just don’t get it. It is extreme policies like Governor Corbett’s that have left Romney and Republicans underwater with women. Governor Corbett is still standing by his support for legislation that mandates that a woman seeking an abortion must submit to an unnecessary medical procedure that has nothing to do with her health. Corbett continues to indicate to women that they can’t be trusted to make their own decisions – dismissing their concerns by insisting that this unnecessary procedure is ‘not invasive at all’ and that they can just ‘close their eyes.’” Romney called himself “extraordinarily proud” of said endorsement.

The trial of Donte Johnson, who is accused of raping, robbing and murdering Sabina Rose O’Donnell in Northern Liberties almost two years ago, began yesterday. PW writer Tara Murtha was there and will be covering the entirety of the trial, which is expected to last five or six days. In opening statements, Assistant District Attorney Richard Sax told the jury of seven men and seven women that Johnson “needed someone small he knew he could dominate physically … That’s what some of these crimes are about—they’re not about sex, they’re about violence.” Check out the full report here.

The Pennsylvania ACLU officially challenged the state’s Voter ID law yesterday, filing a law suit in Harrisburg. “Many otherwise qualified voters will face great difficulty or be unable to obtain the necessary ID and will therefore be disenfranchised in the upcoming general election and future elections,” the suit, filed on behalf of 10 voters, said. “As a result, far from protecting the integrity of Pennsylvania elections, the photo ID law will lead to elections that are no longer free and equal.”

You know the whole Philadelphia public feeding debate? Health Commissioner Donald Schwarz assures City Council “We’re not inspecting people’s homes for bake sales.”

Attn: those into death porn. New video of the deadly 2010 duck boat massacre has surfaced, and every news organization has it.

Latest in the Philadelphia priest abuse trial: It’s first all, ‘What the fuck?’ And then it gets very ‘WHY? “On Tuesday, a Philadelphia Common Pleas Court jury listened to the grand jury testimony of Msgr. William J. Lynn as he tried to explain his alleged failure to act as Wiejata’s sexual overtures went from married women to single women in their 20s and, ultimately in August 2000, allegations that he had fondled the 13-year-old daughter of a woman with whom he had an affair.”

It’s weird how Mayor Nutter apologized for his secretary, right? How often does that happen, anywhere? But it’s sort of an odd situation, all around.

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