Newt Gingrich Drops Out of Presidential Race


"So you're this 'Idea Man' I've been hearing so much about? Let's see how far those 'ideas' get you space!"

Newt Gingrich, the architect of the 1994 Republican Revolution and so-called “Idea Man” of the Republican Party (best idea: “Obama is horrible”) suspended his campaign for president of the United States today. He did not back presumptive nominee Mitt Romney, but did call him “conservative enough” for the presidency.

Gingrich, a commonwealth native, did not campaign too much in his one-time home state before that little primary in late April, where about 20 percent of you actually came out. But he was probably hoping for a larger share of the vote than the 10.5 percent he actually received—three points behind Ron Paul and almost 48 points behind Romney, the winner.

But back in March, it was a different story. When we saw him speak at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Camp Hill, PA, he was so gung ho about the whole “becoming president” thing. He gave the closing speech of the weekend, and essentially told the 800-person audience that Obama is an Islamic radical sympathizer while Gingrich, himself, even perceived an apparent plan to abandon all our worldwide allies (which he’s claimed Obama has already done, but he would do it differently) once we’re able to drill for oil in the United States better than anyone else. It was bananas! The text of my coverage of that speech is below, and on a personal note, I am going to miss the professor of anger on the campaign trail. My only hope is perhaps now he can come out and admit he actually did want to have an open relationship with his former wife? Guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one. Either way, goodbye, Newt:

Did you know that Baptist colleges would rather close their doors, forever, than implement Obamacare? Or that President Barack Obama doesn’t have “the same respect for the religious beliefs of the American people as he has for Afghans”? Or that energy independence through drilling for U.S. oil and gas will essentially allow the U.S. government to tell Europe to go fuck itself?

These talking points, and more, were all part of presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s closing speech at this weekend’s Pennsylvania Leadership Conference.

“The objective fact is this is the most important election of our lifetime,” Gingrich said. “A re-elected Barack Obama will be a nightmare in terms of American values and American interests. Imagine if he can get elected in this economy with these gas prices, with these deficits, with the policies he outlines. He will take that as a vindication to go even further to the left and to do everything he can to impose a Chicago-style machine on the country.”

Sounding more like a radio host than a presidential candidate, Gingrich spent his half-hour on Saturday afternoon in Camp Hill demolishing the Obama Administration with every insult in the playbook—the president is indebted to environazis, he bows to the Saudis, he apologizes for America, he wants the U.S. dependent on foreign oil and—perhaps doubling-down on his recent assertion that some uninformed Americans believe Obama is a Muslim because he acts like one—noted the president is currently involved in massacring the Catholic Church here while apologizing to Afghan Muslims who kill American soldiers for accidentally destroying copies of the Koran, wondering aloud what that meant.

“We have to have a national debate about the people who are trying to kill us and you can’t have a national debate if you’re afraid that if you irritate them, they’re going to cut off your oil,” said Gingrich of the recent turmoil in Middle East. “As President of the United States and Commander in Chief, I will never apologize to people who are killing young Americans.”

Using each problem he had with Obama to lay out our president’s priorities toward Islam, he pounced on the recent controversy over heath care reform requiring birth control coverage. “President Obama apologizes to Islamic fanatics while he is attacking the Catholic Church,” he said, “and he doesn’t see any contradiction in those two behaviors.”

While Gingrich did not come out and call the president names the way many conservatives do in forwarded emails, everyone in attendance knew exactly what he meant. On Thursday of last week, Gingrich accused Obama of having “Muslim friends” and on Wednesday, he did not correct a voter who referred to Obama as a Muslim during a Q&A session, noting it was not his responsibility to do so. He instead said Obama’s sensitivities to the “radical Islamists” are strange and lead many to believe the president is a Muslim.

Additionally, Gingrich spent a good portion of his speech attacking Saudi Arabia and laying the blame of 9/11 on that country. “They were the primary funders of, organizers of, and participants in 9/11,” Gingrich said after re-examining the president’s ‘bow’ to that country’s king. “It wasn’t an Afghan operation, it was a Saudi operation. But we don’t want to say that too clearly because they’ll get mad at us.”

If the United States became self-reliant on energy, we’d fix all national security problems, in addition to lowering gas prices, he said. Using a recent example, Gingrich explained that Iran may close off the Strait of Hormuz, due to threats to that country from Israel and the European Union. USA Today has said a showdown there could result in $8 gas. This would be irrelevant if we had our own oil, he said.

“In the short run, the answer to that is the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force,” he said. “In the long run, the answer to that is American energy independence. Sp we can say to say to the Europeans, the Chinese, the Indians and the Japanese: You have a problem and you had better figure out how you are going to keep open the Straits of Hormuz because we produce enough oil. We actually don’t care.”
Gingrich did not mention what a ‘We don’t care’ attitude toward our allies would mean for the thousands of American soldiers stationed overseas in those countries and others. Just that Obama sucks.

“I am tired of being told by this Administration that we are worthy of no respect,” he opined, “but everyone else on the planet is worthy of apology, appeasement and weakness. I think it’s a terrible policy.”

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