Ed Rendell Tells Obama to ‘Man Up’ on Gay Marriage

rendell627After Vice President Joe Biden told the world he was “comfortable” with gay marriage on Sunday, a number of people in the media and elsewhere have noted President Barack Obama should perhaps clarify his position on marriage equality.

The issue was discussed earlier today on MSNBC, where former Pennsylvania Governor/Philadelphia Mayor and current cable news contributor Ed Rendell was on to discuss the issue.

“He should man up and say this is what I believe,” said Rendell. “I think he doesn’t lose any African American votes…and the people who vote solely on this issue, single-issue voters, gay marriage, none of them are voting for Barack Obama now, and they’re not going to vote for him whether he says he’s against it.”

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While running for president in 2008, Obama said he was against gay marriage due to his religion. Some have noted that Obama may come out for gay marriage after the 2012 campaign, after having appeased Black churches during the current campaign, as many across the country are virulently against gay marriage. Obama has said in the past his position on gay marriage is “evolving.”

The president cancelled a campaign stop in North Carolina today—a swing state which voted for him in 2008, and is today voting on an amendment that would amend the state’s constitution to outlaw gay marriage.

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