DAILY GRINDER: Senate Passes Budget; Adds $500 Million to Corbett Proposal

How dare you try to change my blueprint for human extinction!

How dare you edit my blueprint for human extinction!

The Pennsylvania State Senate approved a new version of the state budget which would restore all the governor’s cuts to higher education and half his cuts for county-run human services programs. The plan, as a whole, adds $517.2 million to Corbett’s plan—or, increases it by 1.9 percent. Mike Stack of Philadelphia called the budget “a step in the right direction. But it’s only a step.” The House will consider the bill now. Rep. Mike Turzai is calling the bill’s spending a “ceiling,” while many Democrats claim it doesn’t actually restore anything.

City Controller Alan Butkovitz released an audit yesterday showing Philadelphia is owed almost $50 million for ambulance services last year—“and nearly twice that amount for reimbursements it will never see because of limits by state, federal, and health insurance contracts.”

Philadelphia’s red light camera traffic system is on the verge of going statewide.

The Philadelphia duck boat trial ended yesterday in a $17 million settlement, including $2 million to be split amongst the 18 surviving passengers. Szabolcs Prem, 20, and Dora Schwendtner, 16, were killed in the summer of 2010 when the duck boat they were riding was essentially run over by a tugboat on the Delaware River.

Donte Johnson was found guilty of the murder of Sabina Rose O’Donnell and sentenced to life in prison plus 40 to 80 years. Johnson denied the killing even after sentencing. Philly.com comments were turned off on their article.

Pennsylvania gaming revenue rose 21 percent in 2011. ShugHo!

After opening 23 Obama for PA offices throughout the state, Republicans are mad! Stop working so hard! Or, as PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason put it, “One more office or one more visit won’t convince voters that President Obama and Senator Casey are working to help them.” You see what he did there? Casey! But Obama for American spokeswoman Jen Austin responded, saying, “The Pennsylvania Republican Party and Mitt Romney don’t think they can carry Pennsylvania and today they made clear they aren’t even trying.”

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